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Why We Should Stop Mandatory Animal Testing?




We, as humans, often tend to forget that we are not the only species in the ecosystem. As a result, we do not consider the importance or value of other living beings around us. The animal kingdom is probably the biggest victim of our inconsiderate abuse. We are not God’s best creation, but just a selfish species who go on exploiting and mistreating others for our convenience. As a surprising fact, more animals are harmed by scientific testing than are killed for consumption. Despite many technological advances, about 100 million or even more animals are abused every year due to animal testing.

Although some countries have adapted to new and safe research methods that don’t involve animals, many companies all over the world still practice this barbarism and cruelty on animals. And needless to say, there are more negative than positive consequences of animal testing, because of which animal testing should be banned. Moreover, since those helpless creatures cannot speak for themselves, we, as humans, should come forward to stop this cruelty and save the animals because the consequences are damaging not only to the animals themselves but also to humans and the environment.

One can start knowing more about these brutal testing on animals and how it causes a lot of damage by exploring essay examples on this topic. One can start knowing more about these brutal testing on animals and how it causes a lot of damage by exploring essay examples on this topic. 

About testing

We often have this tendency of mocking other people by calling them names of animals such as donkey, monkey, cow, pig, snake, chameleon, etc. It’s morally wrong to demean animals like this. However, animal testing is even more inhumane than plain mockery.

Industries that manufacture cosmetics, medicines, pesticides and household goods, etc. – test on animals to judge the effectiveness of their products. During these experiments, the animals have to go through unimaginable torture such as chemicals being rubbed on their shaved skin and dripped into their eyes without being provided any pain relief. So that the formulas and medicines can be tried on them, these animals are made to get the disease by forced feeding, inhalation, and burns.

Many products used in our daily life are approved after being tested on these innocent animals, who go through ill-treatment and tremendous mental torture during these experiments. Some other tests involve using carcinogens on pregnant animals along with their fetuses. Sometimes the same animal is repeatedly used for an experiment that requires long-term observation. Another test called the Draize Eye test is done on rabbits, where their eyelids are kept open by a clip for days, not letting them blink. There are many other tests where these animals are not given any anesthetic drugs before these monstrous methods.


The torture animals go through in the laboratories for research purposes is not justified. Because they cannot speak our language – they cannot fight against their consent, being violated. When we, as humans, fight against women being sexually harassed and talk about ‘consent’ – how can we, the same humans carry out testing on those helpless animals when we very well know, they wouldn’t have consented to undergo this torture if they could speak up like us. This breaks the basic moral code and is utterly unethical. We should take the responsibility solely on our shoulders to stop animal testing.


Animal testing doesn’t only harm the animals – it also affects the environment. The experiments require the animals to be kept for a long time, which involves their breeding. Because of this, unnecessary waste is produced – their excrements, excess food, etc. These animal wastes contain toxic substances such as hazardous chemicals, infectious viruses, and bacteria that can cause mild to fatal diseases. One commonly used method for animal waste disposal is incineration which emits harmful gases and atmospheric aerosol particles into the air. Even if animal testing may have led to the discoveries of certain medicines or cures, this method itself causes irreversible harm to humans and the environment.


Animal testing has certain scientific limitations as well. Oftentimes, the effect of the same drug or same chemicals is different in animals and humans, which leads to inaccurate inferences and can ultimately harm humans when they use it. The result of these tests may also vary between different species of animals. These results are extremely unreliable and have the potential to cause serious damage if used without an authentic guarantee. 

To increase awareness among school, college, and university students, such issues should be discussed in class to make them aware of how it negatively affects our entire ecosystem. These discussions can lead them to make the right decision and contribute their part in preventing animal cruelty.


Animal testing is unnecessary when there are many alternatives that can be approached. One such method is studying the reactions of products and medications on human cells in a petri dish. It can abolish the unnecessary testing done on animals and this method can be more accurate. And it’s not only beneficial for humans, but for animals too. Another alternative technique is Microdosing, where the dose of medicine is way too small to have any adverse reactions on humans.

How Can We Avoid Animal Testing?

There exists thousands of products and medicines in the market that are made using safe and harmless ingredients – products that do not require animal testing. Companies can create such products that use these safe ingredients for ensuring safety. The alternative methods are proven to be more efficient and effective for humans than tests done on animals.

To conclude, even after having all these alternatives available, some industries still choose to keep practicing the traditional methods of animal testing that leave those poor animals either injured or completely dead. It’s upsetting to even think about how many animals lose their lives in the laboratories every year. However, we can still save them. We can collectively protest against such inhumane processes for a selfish cause and pressure our governments to ban testing on animals.

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Choosing a University Online




The choice of an educational institution largely determines both the subsequent professional activity of young people and their future life. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost all young people ask themselves these questions: “How not to make a mistake with the great variety of educational institutions?” and “How can we make it easier to find the right university? To find answers to these questions, you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of selecting a university online, which we will talk about today.

As practice has shown, most applicants when choosing a university have great difficulty in determining the place of higher education. And this applies not only to the residents of small regions, where educational institutions are represented in limited numbers but also to those who are located in large cities. Often it is much more difficult to choose a university for the inhabitants of megacities because they need to determine not only the future specialization but also the choice of the best university among the similar ones.

Advantages of Choosing an Educational Institution Online

The main advantage of such a search for a university is that there is no need to personally visit a large number of institutions. Today there are many resources on the Internet, where the system selects the most suitable options according to the criteria you set, and you only have to study them in more detail and make a final choice.

The search criteria may be absolutely different, for example:

  • the distance of the university from home,
  • number of points required for admission at the examinations,
  • сost of tuition,
  • reputation of the university, for instance,
  • presence of the necessary direction or specialization in the university,
  • facilities,
  • and much more.

You will agree that in this way you save a lot of your time and get the opportunity to compare all the necessary parameters of several dozens of universities, which cannot be done by visiting each of them and seeing everything with your own eyes.

How to Choose a University Online

Before choosing an educational institution, you should at least roughly decide on the direction of your studies. In most cases, students already have a rough idea of the direction in which they want to continue their studies. But some do not know at all what they want to do in life. Even if you have already chosen a future major, to boost your confidence and have an idea of the possible disadvantages of the profession, try talking to people already working in the field and to high school students to understand what to expect and if it is not your thing, not to buy a compare and contrast essay on an unloved subject for the sake of good grades.

So, you’re sure exactly what you want to get out of training. For the search engine to select the most appropriate options, enter all the necessary criteria: region, specialization, form, and type of training, and other parameters that are important for you. If the system is not able to find an institution that fully meets all the requirements, try to change the criteria, starting with the one that is least important to you.

Once the portal has given you a list of universities that are suitable for you, you can proceed to a more detailed acquaintance with each of them. All important information (enough points for admission, the availability of budget places, the cost of education, or additional admission tests) should be checked with each institution in person (you can call them). It is necessary to do this, as search engines of web portals largely rely on statistical data and information from public sources about the conditions of admission in previous years, which may not be relevant in the current academic year.

Disadvantages of Choosing a University Online

Perhaps the main disadvantage of choosing an educational institution is the impossibility to see everything with your own eyes. It is doubtful that any of the universities will tell on their website about poor facilities, weak teaching staff, or half-built dormitories. But there are several ways to find out about the university you are interested in, even negative information.

The easiest way to find out everything is if you are planning to enroll in the same city where you live. Here you are likely to find friends who are already studying at the university and who are willing to share all the important information.

For those who are planning to study in another city, try to find all the information you need online. Join the social networking groups of your chosen institution or register on appropriate forums. As a rule, students will be happy to tell you about all the problems a newcomer may encounter at the institution you have chosen.

Another problem when choosing an educational institution online can be the irrelevance of the information posted on the official websites of universities. Of course, institutions that care about their reputation, always promptly make changes on the pages of their Internet resources, but there is another situation. To avoid such problems, try to check the information important for admission by studying different sources.

The Main Mistakes When Choosing a University Online

The main mistake when the system will not be able to find the right university for you is a lot of incongruent criteria. For example, you necessarily want to study in your hometown on a budget basis as an Oriental Studies major. And there is simply no university in your city with such a specialization. To avoid such a mistake, think about what you in that case are willing to sacrifice: to stay at home, but a different profession, or go to a foreign city for your dream?

Other possible mistakes are also found in the classic choice of educational institution:

  • choosing a profession under pressure from parents. Although it is worth listening to their opinion, especially if you plan to study on a paid basis.
  • entering because of the group of your friends.
  • not understanding your place in life, and, therefore, getting a diploma for the sake of a diploma.
  • misconceptions about the profession – contrived attractiveness or, on the contrary, seemingly frivolous.

However, when choosing a university via the Internet, these mistakes are much less common. After all, the decision to apply to any educational institution is not made spontaneously, but after a thoughtful selection of criteria and study the data provided by the system.

When making your first truly adult decision, remember that the wrong college is not a fatal sentence. Even if in your second year you realize that you would like to do something completely different in life, there is always the possibility of transferring to another department or getting second higher education.

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7 Smarter Ways to Make Your Kid Smart




Every parent wants their kids to be wiser than other children around them. But how? Most parents opt for educational toys, which is a great way to increase the brain’s elasticity and make your children sharp.

But is that all? Well, we’re afraid there are some more things that you need to ensure your kid becomes smarter. Are you wondering what they are? Well, if you’re then, it’s time you start reading ahead!

The segment below will cover a few effective ways to sharpen your kid’s intelligence and become extremely smart! So, read on without wasting any more time!

What Are the 7 Ways to Make Your Kid Smart?

The things that we’re going to talk about below will improve your child’s overall development and ensure they remain healthy physically. So, let’s check out what the seven ways are:

1. Get them into Some Sport Activity

An active lifestyle not only keeps the body healthy but also ensures that one has a good mindset. So, by indulging your kid in some sports activity, you can improve your kid’s pronunciation, ability to think creatively, and much more.

Some studies claim that children who are into sports and other physical activities have the ability to learn new words quite quickly. Also, they can communicate with adults and their peers quite easily.

So, make sure you have your kids enrolled in some kind of sports activity.

2. Encourage Them to Have a Hobby of Their Choice

Hobbies can be anything – reading, music, baking, building, playing, drawing, and more. Having a specific hobby gives their mental space a chance to breathe and to think much better. Studies state that when children are involved in some hobby, they have better eye and hand coordination compared to others.

Plus, it also gives them a chance to explore new things and discover more about themselves. So, if you’re looking to make your kid bright, encourage them to have a hobby.

3. Encourage Their Interests

It’s always important to allow children to follow their hearts and do something they enjoy doing. Some parents have a habit of imposing their wishes on the child, which is not the right thing to do! Always see what interests your child the most, and if you support that, you see a significant improvement in their IQ level. So, always encourage what they like!

4. Let Them Have Enough Sleep

Sleeping is an essential part of one’s cognitive development. Moreover, sleeping helps the child retain information and have a longer attention span. So, if you want your kid to be smart, make sure they have enough sleep.

5. Boost Their Morale

It is always essential to boost a child’s morale and tell them how proud you’re they aren’t giving up! Persistence has excellent power, and that can make some reach their goal in the long term. So, if you want kids to be smart, always encourage them and boost their morale.

6. You Must Read with Your Kids

Some parents love to say that they are reading for their kids. But that does not work well in teaching your kids something new. They might simply miss out on the new words or not even understand what you’re saying.

So, you must read with your kids! When you read with them, they learn new things, and their interest also grows.

7. Organize Music Classes for Your Kids

Not everyone wants to hit the stage and become a rockstar when they grow up! But music has a close link with cognitive development and increased IQ level. Moreover, music has the power to give relief and ensure a person’s mental well-being. So, if you want kids to be wise, imbibe this early into their life and see where it goes! There is hardly anyone who says they hate music!

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know how to make your kid bright by simply adhering to these great ways! So, don’t delay a second in incorporating the things we’ve mentioned above. And we’re sure you’re going to see a massive difference soon!

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Top 6 Tips for Your Essay




If writing your college essay is one of your daunting tasks, then you aren’t alone.  Most college students struggle with college essays. Many claim they suffer from poor ideation; others say the process of writing an essay is tedious and slow, while some say they struggle to keep track of their thoughts when writing them down. Regardless of what you are struggling with, we are going to help you change that narrative.

We have gathered six best actionable tricks and tips to enable you to write your essay easily and quickly.

Start Your Essay on Time

Unless you leave your essay until the last minute, essays aren’t stressful to write. Postponing will make you feel daunted.  If you begin writing immediately, you will have enough time to research and write. Make a habit of starting your essay early. At the start, it might feel challenging, but once it becomes a habit, you will realize you made the right decision. It will make you feel good about your achievements. 

Change Your Attitude

Many students find essay writing challenging because they have a negative attitude towards it. If you have a negative attitude, the moment you see an essay assignment, it will turn out to be hard. However, with a positive attitude, it will be simple and enjoyable. Students with the right attitude always perform much better.

The most effective trick that will help you change your attitude is asking yourself, “How can I complete this assignment as soon as possible” and “What time am I most productive to do this essay.” By asking such questions, your brains will begin looking for strategies, and you will find that you have much fun doing the essay.

Know Where to Seek Help


Writing college essays that are not only good enough but also the one that wins lectures approval can be a huge challenge. Sometimes you might lack time, energy, or enough motivation to work on your assignment. You might choose to push yourself to the limit during such moments or go the wiser way of getting a tutor to help you with your tasks – getting professional help. 

Every student deserves a reliable essay writing service to ensure his or her tasks are done to the utmost level.  All you need is to ask, “Who can type my essay no plagiarism?” and you will get a proficient tutor to guide you. Knowing where to find help and having a good backup plan is vital for your success. It’s the main tip for nailing every assignment, as it will protect you from failure.

Do Plenty of Research

Regardless of the type of essay you will be writing, ensure you do plenty of research. Seek to know the background, history, and every aspect of the topic. Once you understand the topic well, you will see the view of the experts, which will help you build your own opinion. Besides, as long as you justify your concepts, there is nothing wrong when you disagree with the experts. Always do some intense first-hand research before you begin writing your essay.

Write in Your Most Suitable Way

Always have the most suitable method or routine that works best for you. Don’t change your way or start copying brilliant students in your school. Every student is different, and just because a bright student does finish the assignment in four hours continuously, it doesn’t mean you should do the same. Do what works for you; maybe you write best with short breaks in between.

Besides, if you have already done your research, you can find someone who offers essay-writing services to type your essay. You can find one by asking, “Who can type my essay?” This way, you finish your assignment on time.

Organize Your Writing

Your essay should have a clear structure. Regardless of the length, most essays are organized in a similar basic pattern, i.e., introduction, body (research and findings), and conclusion.  A well-written essay with evidence-supported points will automatically receive high grades. Employ transition words to help your ideas flow well.

Follow these ideas, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how writing your easy will become easy.

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