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7 Unique Presents for Engagement




There are very few occasions in life where you truly get a chance to celebrate the love and warmth between two individuals. Engagement is one such event. Did you know that the average cost of engagement rings in Australia was around $5297 in 2019?

Whether you plan on searching for engagement rings in Melbourne or Sydney, the craze of gifting each other fancy rings remains the same everywhere. Now coming to the gifts that you would like to present to the happy couple, there are quite a few ideas out there.

In case you’re wondering what to give to them that will be both useful and pleasing to look at, our list has seven such lovely ideas.

1. Custom-made digital print

What’s better than gifting the couple a custom-made digital art of themselves with a beautiful photo frame? InspiredPrintStore on Etsy makes digital art that they shall customize according to your needs. The best part? Their couple-digital art is LGBTQ+ friendly!

This means that if the people you are gifting to are a part of the gay or lesbian community or any group from the LGBTQ+ spectrum, this store will print their digital art happily. A cute little custom graphic art will be a perfect gift to hang in their bedroom or living room.

2. A journal for two

Move on from your boring, daily journals. It’s time to usher in the couple’s journal or a journal for two! You can find this lovely little thing titled “Do One Thing Every Day Together” on Amazon or Barnes And Noble. Using this journal, the couple can create a time capsule of their own.

There are a number of prompts with a bit of space provided for each person to write down their responses. There are even a lot of questions that can be answered either individually or by both together.

As the two lovebirds read each other’s responses, their relationship will mature and grow beautifully, all thanks to you!

3. Congrats candle

The Wax and Wane Congrats Candle from Etsy is an ideal gift if the couple in question loves a bit of aromatherapy or aesthetic vibes. This gift is also pocket-friendly and costs just $50 or so. A sweet little note saying “Congratulations” is stuck on this hand-poured soy candle.

It has the breathtaking aroma of champagne mixed with notes of lime and vanilla, which will surely give the couple a relaxing night, filled with good dreams.

4. Custom wedding address stamp

When it comes to useful gifts, this one will definitely top the list. The couple will find it difficult to keep track of dates and events until the wedding. You can help them streamline this process by giving them a custom ink and set stamp with their return address.

It will save them a lot of time rewriting their addresses on every envelope. This set also comes with a custom notepad to make correspondence very easy!

5. Fleura Vase

Want to give eternal roses? Now you can, with the Fleura Vase from Venus Et Fleur. This set comes with a beautiful porcelain vase, along with a bunch of real roses (you can choose any one out of 24 colors) that last up to an entire year. Talk about an ultra-luxurious engagement gift!

6. Personalized wine bottle

Step up on your gift-giving game by bringing a wine bottle with a personalized message for the soon-to-be. Message On A Bottle from Gift Tree is a bottle of California Red Wine with a template of your choice printed on it elegantly.

It costs about $60 and other than the template to be printed, you can even add a small message if you wish.

7. Bathroom Starter bundle

The couple you’re gifting to will definitely require bathroom essentials, and a luxury towel bundle is just the item to give! The Parachute Classic Bathroom Starter Bundle is a set of soft bathroom towels and mats that your friends will probably not register for but will definitely need.

It also has a few hand towels, washcloths, all made of super soft Turkish cotton. For the hygiene-crazy in you, this will be a perfect set for gifting!

Over to you…

These are seven unique gifts you can give to your engaged friends to remind them of your friendship with them, as well as for them to cherish the love they have for each other. Make your gift one of the most prized items by choosing any one from our list!

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5 Personalized Gift Ideas for Friends




Are you tired of thinking about what to gift your friend for their birthday? Do you want to gift something beyond perfumes, wallets, lipstick, and accessories? Then you, my friend are at the right place.

We all love gifts, but some gifts that are crafted with thoughts, efforts, and emotions really touch the heart. It shows how much you care about the person to go through the hassle of creating the perfect gift for them. Yes, what you thought was right! I am talking about personalized gifts.

Personalized gifts are just like any other gifts but are curated to show your love to your loved ones. It’s a way of saying, “I know what will make you happy and this is it”. Giving gifts is a love language, which about 68% of people are fond of.

So, now that we both have something in common, let’s move on to see what are some incredibly amazing personalized gift ideas which you can take inspiration from:

1. Personalized gift basket

Curating a personalized gift hamper is easier than you think. There are so many versions of making a personalized gift hamper.

For instance, if your friend is a foodie, then gather all kinds of chips, chocolates, can soda, pringles and arrange them together. Another variation of this can be a skincare hamper. If your bestie is really into skincare, surprise her with some skincare goodies of her favourite brands.

A grooming product hamper is also a good option to go for your male best friend. You can also go ahead and put a gift card inside, so a part of the gift can always stay with them.

2. Customized jewellery

Giving jewellery is a way of hyping up your female friends. There has to be one type of jewellery your friend likes. It can be a ring, necklace, earrings, nose rings, or even an anklet.

So, go ahead and buy some for them. For the personalized touch, add their favourite charms (butterflies, evil eye, sunflower) to the jewellery. If you want to tell them how joyful you feel around them, then buy a sunflower or a daisy necklace.

If your friend has “Regina George” vibes from mean girls, gift them a statement necklace with their initials on it. They are sure going to be super obsessed with it.

3. Personalized letters

If you feel like you have never really told your best friend what they mean to you and how much your life has changed since they entered your life, then surprise them with a personalized letter this birthday.

There are so many small businesses who write your message in a beautiful way, stick custom stamps and curate it in an elegant manner.

This is also a perfect gift for couples whose partner is like best friend to them.  It totally gives a vintage feel and is a good memory to hold onto forever.

4. A polaroid booklet

In your gallery, there will be certain photos that are close to your heart. Photos that show the rawest version of your friendship. So, why not keep it somewhere more than your gallery? Of course, it has to be personal, because these moments cannot be shared with everyone.

So, go ahead and buy a small booklet and print out those photos in polaroid form. Decorate the booklet with the aesthetic your friend likes and there you go – Your own personalized booklet is ready to put a smile on them.

5. Personalized digital art

Digital art is the trend these days. You might have seen it all over Instagram and also the reactions people have when they get them. Well, if you want your friend to have the same face when they look at it, then this is an ideal option to pick.

Just ask any illustrator to convert your photo into a digital version and they will do it within minutes. You can frame it or even put it on a wallet card. It looks amazing both ways.

6. Something handmade

Something (anything) handmade can never go wrong. So, whatever you are good at – whether it’s handmade earrings, crochet, cards, jewellery, – make a special one for your best friend as their birthday gift. It would be their best gift ever, trust me.

Over to you…

I am sure all the crazy ideas are running in your mind already. So, create something beautiful and surprise them with something they will never forget.

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Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Leave Your Employees Happy




It is a tradition to reveal a gift on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. The concept of gifting is very simple and elegant to understand. Not everyone is related to us through blood. Some people are even closer to us. There are many employers who like to treat their employees like family during the holidays.

Why Give Gifts to Employees

Corporate gifts help motivate and value your employees. They also show they are valued and motivated to perform their duties. While some prefer to give gifts on a specific day or a certain occasion, others like to surprise their employees with a token of gratitude now and then. Below are some of the best corporate gifts that will truly impress your employees.

1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets overflowing with holiday snacks make for great corporate christmas gifts. Treating them to a delicious gift shows your employees that they’re valued and celebrates their efforts during a busy time of year. There are many different types of gift baskets, such as meat and cheese baskets, sweets, and wine gifts. If you want to delight your employees, buy from an expert food gift retailer like Hickory Farms.

2. Chocolates

Chocolates are known to make everyone happy. So, send a dose of happiness through a box of chocolates to your employees. With chocolate, you can instantly see the power of your corporate Christmas gifts. Be sure to have a good mix of chocolates to ensure everyone gets something they love.

3. Plants

Plants can be a great way of showing your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and commitment. A nice indoor plant can be kept in their office or taken home to enjoy with their family. Because not everyone is good at taking care of plants, only gift plants that are easy to take care of.

4. T-Shirts

Everyone loves having extra t-shirts in their wardrobe. A well-fitting t-shirt is a must-have for any office employee. It elevates the employee’s wardrobe and also acts as a smart marketing tool for the company when you put the company name and logo on it. A branded t-shirt is also great for when you have company outings.

5. Gift Cards

If you want to ensure a corporate gift is well-received by everyone, consider giving gift cards. It is the perfect way to treat your officemates. You can give them a gym membership, restaurant card or a retail store gift card.

6. Laptop Bags

Not having the proper bag to carry a laptop can be a big issue. Give your employees a laptop backpack as a gift. It’ll help them keep their laptop organized and secure going to and from the office.

7. Tote Bags

Give them a versatile and stylish tote bag that will help them organize their lives. They can also be used as a grocery bag, gym bag, briefcase or a place to store their clothes.

These are a few of the many corporate gift ideas to choose from. The gifts you settle on should reflect the personalities of your employees. Putting effort into planning the right gifts is the best way to show your appreciation for all of the hard work they do.

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8 Interesting and Unique Kids Gift ideas




All of us want to show our kids how much we care for them. Giving them gifts on special occasions like birthdays and festivals is one of the ways you can express it.

You should try to gift them something unique and interesting. However, due to the vast options available everywhere in the market, one can often get confused about the best gift for kids.

If you need help finding the right thing for your child, here are some unique and interesting gift ideas for kids:

1. A Telescope

Almost all children are fascinated by space and love to learn about it. I’ve hardly heard of a child who doesn’t go through a phase where they want to grow up to become an astronaut.

If your child is interested in learning about space, a telescope is a fantastic gift idea. You can find different telescopes in the market that vary in their range and price. Get one that you think your kid will enjoy the most. It will help them enjoy while also learning something useful about the universe.

2. A Piggy Bank

It is never too early to develop good financial habits. If you inculcate the practice of savings in your child from an early age, it will help them a lot when they grow up. That is why gifting them a piggy bank is a great idea. You can get one in a unique and fun shape based on their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

It can also help you create a new birthday tradition where you open the piggy bank every year on their birthday to see how much they’ve collected throughout the year.

3. A Science Experiment Kit

Childhood is a critical time for cognitive development. A major part of a person’s mind is developed between the ages 6-12.

A science experiment kit can help you fuel your child’s cognitive development while ensuring that they have fun. Your kid will be able to perform a number of fun experiments at home that will teach them about basic science. You can also get involved in some fun experiments to spend quality time with them.

4. A Journal

A child goes through as many emotions as an adult but it is often difficult for them to express what they are feeling. Gifting them a journal where they can pen down their thoughts about anything under the sun will provide them with a safe space to pour all of their feelings.

It will also help them develop their writing skills and fuel their imagination. The journal should be themed on their favorite cartoon or movie to make them love it.

5. A Themed Coloring Book

Kids love coloring. It allows their creative imagination to flow. Getting them a themed coloring book based on a character they love or a movie they are a fan of would make them extremely happy.

You can give them a set of colors along with it so that they have plenty of crayons at their disposal to fill the book as they desire.

6. Board Games

Board games are a great way to keep the children engaged while having fun and also benefiting their minds. You can give your child a classic board game like Jenga or a chess set or get something based on a movie or cartoon character.

Playing board games together will also help you spend more time with your kid and have fun together.

7. Bracelet Making Kit

If you find that your little one is interested in arts and crafts activities, gifting them a bracelet-making kit is a great idea. They can use glitter, learn to paint fabrics, and use their creative minds to create unique bracelets for their friends and family members.

8. A Clay Set

Children tend to be a lot more creative than adults. It is important that you direct their creativity to a safe space and allow it to grow. A clay set will be a good way to go about it.

Gifting them a clay set will allow your kid to create unique designs and shapes on their own and have some fun.

Final Words

So when you buy unique gifts online or offline, don’t forget to consider this list and invest in something that will make them happy from the inside.

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