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A Set for a Beginner Manicure Master: Top Things You Need to Purchase




The profession of a master of nail service is very popular today. Often the path to the nail industry begins with “amateur” creative experiments on your own nails or on the nails of your girlfriends, and then this hobby turns into a desire to do manicures all the time, making it a source of income. Naturally, customer service entails responsibility for their comfort and the exceptional quality of their work, which means that it is necessary to approach such an issue as having really good tools and consumables with particular scrupulousness.

If a few years ago the word “manicure” was associated only with the presence of a nail file, varnish, and a bottle of acetone, now manicure manipulations have been deservedly elevated to the rank of art, therefore they require an impressive list of all kinds of devices and consumables. If you decide to take the first steps in the field of nail service, be sure to get yourself a starter kit for a manicure master, which you can buy at any specialized store or on an online resource that sells such products.

Trim manicure beginner kit

A set for a beginner manicure master is a great solution if you do not want to rush about for a long time in search of the tools and accessories you need. Eminent manufacturers of products for the nail service create complete kits containing everything that a beginner may need at the initial stage.

Depending on the configuration, the kits may include:

  • standard manicure scissors;
  • cuticle pusher and scissors;
  • nail files of various shapes with varying degrees of abrasive coating;
  • buffs for polishing the nail plate;
  • orange sticks;
  • dipping powder;
  • primers and bases for gel polish;
  • degreaser;
  • lint-free wipes;
  • one or more colors and varieties of gel polish;
  • top or finish for nail coating;
  • UV lamp for drying.

Depending on the brand, the complete set of starter kits may differ, be supplemented with new consumables, or, conversely, include fewer materials and tools. But in general, almost every kit allows you to start working on creating a beautiful and spectacular manicure.

What to look for when buying

Despite the enormous variability of offers, when buying a starter manicure set, a novice master should take into account several key points:

  • packaging quality: all components of the kit must be packed in accordance with the prescribed standards, the integrity of boxes, vials and sachets must not be violated;
  • presence of marking: any manufacturer respecting its reputation and buyers will never supply a product without marking information. Name, release date/expiration date, composition or material of manufacture, instructions for use – all these data are usually written on the package;
  • price category: of course, saving the budget is an absolutely important point, but, believe me, a priori, really high-quality products cannot be too cheap. Don’t skimp on your future reputation as a super cool and popular manicurist in women’s circles.

Now with regards to the brand. It seems that the more famous the brand, the better, in theory, its products. But this belief is not always justified. Today, even a little “advanced” manufacturers are trying to supply the market with excellent quality products. Don’t neglect starter kits from as yet unknown manufacturers! Sometimes they are no different from branded options but are much cheaper.

Manicure tool kit: an assistant or an extra waste?

There is no point in arguing that it is easier for some beginners in the field of manicure to buy all the materials separately, while someone decides to immediately purchase a complete set for a classic manicure. But in any case, you can’t do without a profile high-quality tool, and a variety of materials. If you have chosen the option of buying a branded set, then you do not want to waste your free time. The nail service beginner kit will definitely cut down on your precious minutes and hours that can be spent on learning the art of manicure or nail art and attracting charming clients. Do not be discouraged if the price for the purchased set seems quite high: it will take only a month or two, and you will definitely “recapture” the amount spent due to the constant flow of clients. Do you doubt that you will have it? Down with doubt! A high-quality manicure will never “fall into oblivion” and will always be in demand among fashionistas who want to turn their nails into a masterpiece of art.

Beginner kits are a real find not only for in-home use but also in the workflow that you will carry out in a salon or rented space. Naturally, over time, your arsenal of tools and all kinds of materials will increase, but at the first stages, the starter kit will suffice.

P.S. A set for an unedged manicure will cost more and is usually not included in sets for beginners. Most often it is bought separately.

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The What, Where, When, and Why of Nail Art




There’s something about summer nail designs that make all of our hearts soar. The excitement summer brings to people of all ages is something so unique. School’s out, the weather gets warm, ice cream is the number one choice for breakfast and lunch, long beach days are ahead and vacation is just on the brink. There’s just nothing like the feeling of joy that encapsulates us when summer arrives. However, the joy of summer doesn’t have to stop at dull nails. You can do them yourself or get them professionally done after exploring our tips and tricks to conquering summer nails. Also, be sure to check out nail design ideas in the photo gallery of theYou, a one-stop-shop for all things about beauty (nails included).

Nail Trends to Spice up Your Summer Look

Summer is the best time for bright, bold nail design colors. Where spring was a time for pastels and light shades, summer brings the more solid and experimental hues. Spring also can bleed into summer when considering that pastel nails serve for cute colors too. So, in reality, the world is your oyster when it comes to nail designs in the summer.

We frequently see lots of trends pop up for the summer.

  • A huge trend we can see frequently and associate with summer is mix and match and different designs for every nail.
  • Various colored tips are also common during this season.
  • You can also never go wrong with the classic “French tip”.

These trends are frequent among the younger generation and are also seen also in the likes of various celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Bad Bunny. The best part about these trends is the diversity that they can bring, ranging from the likes of short nails to long acrylic nails alike.

Other nail design trends include

  • Gel polish with outstanding hues and neon patterns to light up the night like the Fourth of July.
  • Lots of stickers and text can make a huge statement. Be sure to consult the latest trend on any social media app to add the funniest and most eye-catching memes to your nails.
  • And for that extra touch of creativity, be sure to add glitter nail designs or make them holographic so they can shine in that summer sun.

Applying the Color Theory to Your Summer Nail Designs

Colors and the color theory can be a bit tricky at times, especially when choosing the perfect nail designs. The theory covers how to complement shades with each other. For example, primary colors: red, yellow, and blue go perfectly with one another. Secondary ones: orange, green, and violet also blend in together well nicely. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for opposing colors, like red and green, yellow and violet, and orange and blue.

We hope that these tips and design ideas will help you find the perfect summer nail design for you. Get inspired, get creative, and let yourself shine!

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Glow alongside the Sun: 9 Tips for Your Long-lasting Summer Look




What time is it? Summertime! Yes, the long-awaited summer is here, and it is calling you for a bunch of excitement and a lot of fun!

With the pandemic now easing out and the semester being over, we can officially go back to enjoying another one of no-bummer summers. But, among all the good things the season has to offer, the extraordinary heat would not even make it to the list. Ranging from sticky skin to sunburn, the hot temperature always finds a way to hammer our summer.

But worry not, today we have concluded some sweat-proof makeup tips so you can continue enjoying a stress-free summer in style. Let’s get down to it!

First stop, moisturizer

Before we even get into applying makeup, it is important to cover the basics of your skincare routine. Especially for people with dry skin-type, moisturizer is the one thing you cannot miss. With the sun boldly out and about, your skin would even be stripped of its moisture.

As you produce more sweat, you will need to find the right product that won’t ruin your makeup as the day progresses. For your perfect, non-greasy summer look, an oil-free moisturizer is the way to go. This way, you can spend less time worrying and enjoy your summer.

Defense is the best offense

As we cannot fight and defeat the sun (nor is it wise to do so), the best thing we can do to fight the striking sunlight is to establish a good defense. In the case of sunburn and protection from UV, Cetaphil sunscreen is your best suit of armor. It makes sure that the sun does not damage your skin by filtering, or as the name suggests, screening the sunlight that hits your face.

With sunscreen, the higher its SPF level, the more UV rays it blocks. Generally, sunscreens with SPF levels of 30-50 are already good enough. Instead of buying a higher SPF level sunscreen, what you can do instead is reapply it every 2 hours throughout your day.

Primer for a prime look

After you are done with your skincare routine, the first thing you have to do is prime your face. But why do I need to use a primer? What is even a primer?

Essentially, a primer preps your face to be ready for your makeup and can hold it for a longer period. A primer is particularly important to use during summer because, between the heat and the sweat we produce, we need every help to ensure that our makeup stays intact.

With primer, a little goes a long way. All you need is a few little dabs throughout your face, and you should be good for the day!

No foundation, no problem!

As you will do a lot of activities under the sun, the less layer of makeup you have, the better it will be. This is due to the smudges and smears that might appear from wiping away your sweat. Creasing and caking on top of that can also happen, considering the amount of sweat and oil our skin produces.

For a flawless look despite the non-existing foundation, concealer is your best friend in covering up spots and shadows throughout your face. But, if using no foundation proves rather hard to do, tinted moisturizer is your best foundation alternative. This way, you can enjoy lighter makeup and still look snatched.

Shining, shimmering (not), and splendid

With natural light shining down on you wherever you go, you might think it’s a good idea to brush a bit of shimmer here and there and have it reflected the light. While in any other season this might be a good idea, the mix of the shimmer and your sweat throughout the day during summer would make you look rather greasy.

In this case, what you can do is to use a bronzer on the high points of your face, where the light would naturally hit. Besides making sure your makeup is not flat, a powder bronzer lets you have a more natural look while ensuring your makeup stays intact. So now you can shine just as bright as the sun while looking splendid!

Pop of colors for a poppin’ look

Summer is the perfect time to take the vibrance in your makeup up a notch. Besides embracing the season’s spirit, the use of color would also give you a natural glow. It is your time to rock an eye shadow look, that is sure to catch other people’s eyes.

Having said that, if you tend to go for natural colors, adding a touch of bright color in one spot, such as the apple of your cheeks or lips, can also be an option. Then, combine your look with a cute summer hairstyle, and you’re ready to go!

Waterproof = Hassle-proof

Investing in the waterproof version of your favorite products is most definitely money well spent. Besides less of your products used to fix your makeup, you can also use more time to enjoy your summer instead of worrying about your appearance. Whether a dip in a pool or a swim in a lake, all you have to do is say yes!

Talk the talk, and look the look

Besides being transfer-proof, matte lipstick proves to be more long-lasting than other lip products. Combined with the bright colors on your makeup, it is the picture-perfect fresh and youthful look.

Though, if matte lipstick or nude color is not your thing, you can try using a color-tinted lip balm or lip gloss with buildable color. Besides adding natural color to your lips, you can also make sure that your lips stay moisturized. Talk about efficiency!

Lock it in

Ok, I’m done with my makeup, can I go now? Not quite yet! You need to end your perfect summer look with a setting spray to make sure it doesn’t move around as you go through your activities for the day.

Using a setting spray, you have formed an extra layer of protection for your makeup. As the name suggests, it sets the position of your makeup as default and locks it for you throughout your day. Say bye to your worries and say hi to more adventures with your friends.

Creating a hassle-free and waterproof makeup look is two of the highest priorities for your summer look. This will allow you to focus on your adventures and have the maximum fun out of your holiday. You can now make the most of your time while staying in style!

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Homemade Whipped Mango Butter Recipe




Give your body the TLC it deserves as the harsh summer approaches with this DIY moisturising whipped mango body butter. Furthermore, you can make it all with very little effort and entirely natural ingredients.

Suppose you enjoy creating your DIY recipes and experimenting with various natural components and essential oil fragrances. In that case, this all-natural whipped mango body butter will quickly become one of your favourites, leaving your skin smooth, silky, and nourished during these hot months.

How whipped mango body butter works on the skin?

The mango is a beautifully sweet fruit from the world’s rain forests and is full of moisture. Mangoes are not only good for the insides of the body, but they are also good for the skin.

Mango body butter has moisturising properties and vitamins A, C, and E, which help fight free radicals that cause the skin to age. Mango butter can protect the skin from sunburn and dryness and soothe burnt skin when applied to it.

Benefits of whipped mango butter

Mango butter offers several skin advantages and is frequently featured in skincare products. It is suitable for acne-prone skin since it does not clog pores. In addition, Mango butter is suitable for all skin types. Read on to find out more about the benefits of mango butter.

– Prevents acne breakouts

Even oily skin that is prone to breakouts requires hydration and nutrition daily. Mango butter is non-greasy, lightweight, and non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores). It’s also antimicrobial so that it can assist with acne flare-ups. It can provide aid to nourishing acne-prone skin, but it can also help to minimise acne outbreaks by signalling the skin to produce less sebum.

– Lightens scars and blemishes

Though VedaOils mango butter can be used to heal existing scars, prevention is always the best option. As a result, begin using mango butter as soon as possible whenever you suspect skin damage (such as an acne scar or stretch marks from pregnancy). It will aid in the healing of the skin, give it several nutrients and antioxidants, increase the pace of skin cell turnover, and greatly minimise damage.

– Intense moisturiser

Don’t be fooled by the light texture; mango butter is amazing for hydrating the skin. It absorbs quickly when applied topically, delivering skin-loving elements like omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E to even deeper layers of the skin. As a result, Mango butter moisturises, softens, and enhances your skin’s general health and look. It also helps to improve the skin’s natural protective barrier, which aids in the retention of moisture, preventing injury, and the drying out of the skin.

– Anti-aging

Mango butter is high in antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radical damage (damaging particles in the air). Mango butter, above all, includes vitamin A, an antioxidant that aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process. As a result, it promotes the production of new, healthy skin cells, enhances the texture and flexibility of the skin, and protects the skin from UV damage. All of this contributes to smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

– Soothes eczema and dry skin

It can be difficult to treat any ailment that causes excessively dry, itchy, and inflammatory skin. However, raw mango butter is an all-natural substance that can help your condition significantly. It’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory, protecting, calming, and healing all rolled into one. It shows a remarkable improvement with consistent use, calms the skin, and eliminates redness and irritation.

– Subtle aroma

While mangoes are excellent in almost everything, you probably don’t want to spend your whole day smelling like one. Fortunately, mango butter has a pleasant aroma. Much more faint, in fact, than shea butter’s nutty aroma or cocoa butter’s rich chocolate aroma. As a result, mango butter is an excellent everyday butter for obtaining daily skin advantages while retaining a light, fresh scent.

Best whipped mango body butter Recipe

You’ll never return once you start producing your whipped body butter. They are certainly the finest for all skin types and are quite simple to make. So what makes this mango butter recipe so unique? A few things to consider:

Unlike most body butter recipes we have, you will not melt the mango butter in this one.

In addition to the Mango Butter, you’ll require one oil carrier.


  • 120 ml mango butter
  • 81 ml jojoba oil
  • 60 drops of your favorite essential oil blend (Suggested blend – sandalwood, ylang ylang, and peppermint essential oils)


Cut the mango butter into small 1/2-inch cubes and place them in a basin.

Smash the mango butter against the bowl’s sides with a fork or spoon until it forms a homogenous paste.

Slowly drizzle in the jojoba oil, then combine the mango butter and jojoba oil.

Whip it for 5 minutes with an electric mixer or until it has a lovely whipped appearance. Scrape the butter off the sides of the bowl into the whipping. The larger the quantity, the more crucial this stage becomes since you don’t want areas of the butter that aren’t properly creamed like the rest.

Finally, add your essential oils of choice and give it another good beat.

Your finished product will be a creamy, almost liquid-like, silky body butter for months.

How to use

Applying body butter after a shower or bath is the ideal method to utilise it. After having your regular shower or bath, use a towel to pat your body dry. As a general rule, leave a small amount of wetness on your skin and avoid rubbing or entirely drying it.

Then, using firm, broad strokes, gently massage a heaping scoop of body butter into your skin until it is completely absorbed. Avoid applying too much at once, and remember that you can always apply another layer on top of your skin that needs more moisture later in the day.

When applying body butter, pay careful attention to your elbows, knees, hands, and feet. These regions are prone to dryness. Therefore a liberal layer of body butter will assist in nourishing these problem areas.


This whipped mango butter is one of our favorites for preparing our natural skincare. It’s created with all-natural ingredients to keep your skin smooth and silky. Natural sources of vitamins A, C, and E can be abundantly found in this whipped mango body butter. This body butter will repair dry, damaged skin while also reducing the effects of ageing.

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