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Things to Do In Vegas That Aren’t Gambling



In Vegas

Las Vegas long ago earned the reputation as the gambling capital of North America. Let’s face it, they didn’t opt to nickname the place Sin City by happenstance.

However, while it’s true that Vegas was built on the back of casinos and sports betting, the fact of the matter is that the betting landscape has dramatically changed since the 1990s. More and more states have casinos and sports betting is now legal across many parts of the USA. Online sports betting has been prevalent since the mid-1990s. There’s no need for a trip to Vegas to place a bet on a game. You can just check out and access all of the leading online sports betting sites without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Does that mean you should be leaving Las Vegas off your list of potential vacation destinations? Hardly. Even if you don’t like playing the slots, dealing the cards, or betting on sports, there’s enough to do in Vegas that you could spend a long time there having fun and never set foot inside a casino.

Climb into the Stratosphere

The Stratosphere Observation Deck offers 360-degree views of the Vegas strip and the desert beyond Sin City. It’s a great thing to do during the daytime or nighttime and lends itself to being a very romantic locale for couples to enjoy.

At 1,149 feet of elevation, the Stratosphere Observation Deck is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the entire United States. Best of all, there’s no charge to go up and have a look at the sights.

Visit a Museum

Perhaps you think of museums as stuffy, boring places that are best suited for school field trips. Well, that’s only because you’ve never visited a museum in Las Vegas.

It was the mob that built Las Vegas, so it’s only appropriate that The Mob Museum should be located in Vegas. Also known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, this non-profit organization bills as its mission to advance the public understanding of organized crime’s history and impact on American society. The museum offers a provocative, contemporary look at these topics through hundreds of artifacts and immersive exhibits.

Next stop is the Neon Boneyard. It’s here that you’ll really come to comprehend the legacy of Vegas. Founded in 1996, The Neon Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs for educational, historic, arts and cultural enrichment.

Take in a Game

Prior to 2017, Las Vegas had never been home to a team from one of the four major North American sports leagues – the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. Now, they have two.

The Vegas Golden Knights began as an NHL expansion franchise in 2017 and were a hit from the first faceoff. The Golden Knights went to the Stanley Cup final in their first season of existence and they’ve been as far as the final four in three of their four campaigns. On top of that, there’s no better night’s entertainment than the full package of bells and whistles that accompany a Golden Knights game at T-Mobile Arena.

Last year, the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders relocated to Sin City. Three-time Super Bowl champions, the nomadic Raiders are a perfect fit for Vegas culture. The team previously called both Oakland (twice) and Los Angeles its home.

Check out the Bellagio Fountains

You don’t have to go into the Bellagio casino in order to get action. You just have to stand in front of it.

The iconic Bellagio fountains erupt with their free show of water, music, and lights every half hour during the day and every 15 minutes during the evening.

Go on a Day Trip

There are all-inclusive packages from Vegas that will take tourists on treks to visit the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

For the more athletically inclined, hiking the Red Rock Canyon beckons. Only 15 miles west of Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon occupies 195,819 acres of the Mojave Desert. It offers a rich history, diverse ecological profile, and unique geology that will make it one of the most memorable experiences of a Vegas vacation.

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7 Brilliant 4WD Camping Tips for your Next Trip




Are you planning a camping trip with your loved ones this year? Wondering what to carry when you are driving your 4*4 SUV? You should make sure that you have everything while on your camping trip so that the entire journey remains peaceful and safe. A camping trip in your car can be so exciting and thrilling provided you pack just right and carry all the necessary equipment with you.

On the other hand, with packing your things for your camping trips such as clothes, watches, soap, and lots of other items, you should also think of packing essential equipment and tools for your car. Think about what to include and what not. For example, you may need a jack in case you get your car’s tyre punctured.

In this context, to be well prepared in advance and to avoid any problem from happening midway, you must certainly keep a stock of 4WD recovery kits and gear while going on a camping trip with your friends and family members. In this article, we are also going to list below a few brilliant 4WD camping tips that will assist you while on your next camping trip. Let us have a look.

1. Preplan and prepare prior to packing

The first and foremost camping tip is to pre plan and prepare prior to your packing. There is a need to pack all the essential stuff at first. The rule is so simple that you should focus only on packing the important items. Avoid over-packing and try to lighten your carload as it will lead to better performance, less strain on the vehicle, less or no breakdowns or flat tires, etc. So, preplanning prior to packaging is very important.

2. Start by keeping strong items at the bottom

When you start keeping things in your car, begin by keeping strong, bulky, or oversized items on the bottom of both sides of the flat surface. This will help create a strong base for the delicate or lighter items on top of the strong ones.

3. Leave some gaps while you pack

This is yet another 4WD brilliant camping tip that will certainly help you in the long run. When you start packing, consider leaving some gaps or space in between the items. It can further assist you in filling that empty gap or space with the items you may need often, or you may have either brought it along with you for camping purposes.

4. Place your luggage properly

If you are up for a camping trip either with your friends or family, consider placing your luggage properly. You should place your luggage in a sensible or orderly way so that the things you need can be easily found whenever you need them. Moreover, always remember to put your bag facing the front of the opening so that you can easily unzip it as and when you want.

5. Add a roof rack

Adding a roof rack to the top of your car is no new fashion. You can add a canvas or a roof rack on the top of your 4*4 if you feel like you are lacking storage space inside your car. You can also try to get it covered to avoid access to weather, dust, and wind.

6. Luggage protection matters

Being extremely adventurous, these camping trips are; there is a need to protect your luggage safely and securely when you are going off-road or to pass through rough terrains and sliding areas. So, it’s extremely important to tightly strap and protect your baggage.

7. Don’t forget 5W’s and H

Last but not least, it is essential to remember 5 W’s and H’s, which stands for why, what, when, where, who, and how. It simply refers to why you are going, what you need while being there, where you are going, when you will arrive, etc.

To Conclude

So, this is all about your brilliant 4WD camping tips for your next trip. You just need to make sure that you follow all the tips positively so that this camping trip will be your best yet memorable trip as well.

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Choosing the Best Resorts for Your South Coast Trip




If you are planning for your summer vacation right now, choosing which destination would suit your taste is essential. Are you the type of person who loves the full-throttle beach resort feeling? Or are you looking for a more laid-back kind of place where everyone can chill, eat good food, and enjoy lively nightlife? If you want the latter, a resort like Sandals South Coast might be your best bet for an excellent summer getaway.

If you have already scheduled a vacation to the South Coast of Jamaica, it is about time that you explore some of the best resorts and what they offer. Here are some quick facts to keep in mind when deciding:

  • The best time to visit the south coast is between April and May. If you want to avoid summertime crowds, then this is your most ideal time to visit
  • For those looking for excellent deals on luxury resorts, late December up until around June or July tend to have lower rates. You may also check travel deals online for more information.
  • There are resorts that can offer you just what you want in activities, dining, and overall amenities. Take into account your tastes so that you will have a vacation filled with fun and excitement.

Regardless of what type of vacation you want, some resorts can provide it all.

What to Look for in a Holiday Resort?

When choosing which resort you’ll go to on your South Coast trip, consider the following features:

The Size of the Resort

Smaller properties are just right if you want peace. This type of resort is perfect for those who are looking for privacy.

On the other hand, bigger facilities like Sandals in South Coast offer guests more amenities and activities to experience throughout their stay.

Facilities like spas, bars, pools, restaurants, and even casinos can be found in some complexes. With locations featuring these amenities, you can have a hassle-free trip by enjoying all of these activities in one place.

Distance from the Airport

Some resorts are just a few kilometers away from the airport. However, if you want the convenience of having everything close by, then choose a resort that is only ten minutes away or less. This way, you can avoid hassles like hiring transportation to bring your luggage from one destination to another.

Five-Star Level of Service

When you pay for a vacation that costs thousands of dollars, you should expect nothing less than the best. The right resorts for your South Coast trip should have a five-star level of service to make your stay truly memorable and relaxing. That includes amenities like excellent customer service, luxurious bedrooms, and gourmet restaurants.

The Right Amenities for You

What kind of activities do you prefer during your South Coast trip? If you want access to casinos or spas, then be sure to check if the resort can provide these amenities for you. Some resorts even have water parks to keep the whole family entertained.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Aside from the factors mentioned above, it is also important to consider your budget when choosing your South Coast vacation destination. Look for options within your budget range so you will not have any problems with planning and organizing.

Also, note that spas usually have additional charges. If you want to enjoy the signature spa treatment, make sure to ask for a separate price list. When choosing an ideal vacation destination, remember that it has to be somewhere where you and your partner can relax and have fun at the same time. This way, you will experience all of the activities that this part of Jamaica has to offer.

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Why Is Roof Rack Essential For Travel Destination?




Buying a rack is one of the first things you need to do if you intend to travel by road or go on a road trip for long. The rack is an excellent addition to your storage needs as it improves your storage capacity. First, however, it matters which kind of roof rack you go for. Many different roof racks will come in handy whenever you want that little extra storage in your car. All of these have an advantage to the owner and should be considered. But how does one choose a good roof rack, and does it even matter? Is it necessary to have one in the first place? These and many more questions will be answered as we go along in this article. Read on to discover more details.

Extra Storage

One of the first and obvious reasons to get a roof rack is for the extra storage. Suppose you are the kind of person that brings along their sleeping luggage, cooking items, personal effects, and other accessories that make traveling fun and more convenient. In that case, you certainly will appreciate the extra space. No matter how big your truck is, you can always do with a lot more extra space, more so if you are a collector and enjoy buying a souvenir everywhere you go. Finding one of the excellent defender 110 roof rack should be your priority if you intend to get more space. The fact that you can put more stuff not just at the back of your van and on top of it is a welcomed relief. Items heavier and less delicate can go on the roof, while the easily breakable ones should go inside the vehicle. This allows you to carry a giant tent and a bigger bag if you love camping. It is also an easy way to bring more people to the fun and adventurous trip. Besides expanding space to get more storage, roof racks are also an ideal and practical solution for people with vehicles with small storage. Not all trucks are built to accommodate a lot of luggage. If your car is of this kind, you will undoubtedly benefit from an additional roof rack storage unit.

Allows for More Legroom

Luggage can interfere with your comfort when traveling. This can be very strenuous on your part, especially if you are the kind of person that loves to stretch and travel hassle-free. When you have to put your luggage off the seats or close to you, then it means that your comfort levels are compromised. Unless you are willing to travel uncomfortably for a long time, a roof rack sounds like a fantastic idea for anyone who needs to enjoy some more legroom. Have all your luggage put on top of the vehicle and utilize the space inside the car for your comfort.

Improves Safety

There is something about a car being pulled down when luggage is placed inside the vehicle instead of being kept on the roof rack. Usually, when the luggage is inside, it pushes the car downwards, thus making it difficult for it to take an upward climb. This can be very stressful for the vehicle and is not something you want to struggle with, as it poses a danger to everyone’s safety.

What’s more, a lot of luggage inside the vehicle can be obstructing the driver. Sometimes people overpack and place items too close to the driver, hindering their ability to drive well. Once your driver is compromised, your safety on the trip is also not guaranteed. Using a roof rack ensures that the driver does not feel his ability to take emergency measures when needed is obstructed. Instead, it allows the driver enough space to maneuver and get the best out of a tricky and seemingly unsafe situation.

A Roof Rack is Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Whenever you place your luggage on the roof, the chances are that the stability of the vehicle increases. This means that you get to take part in off-road activities and even extreme sports if that is what you enjoy. All your luggage will be held in place, and there is no need to worry about your essentials veering off the road or hitting the sides of the vehicles as you speed off.

These roof racks, especially when appropriately installed, have a way of improving your chances. What’s more, roof racks can be customized to suit the dimension of your vehicle and accommodate any sporting equipment for maximum enjoyment. If you have to bring your bikes, a good roof rack is necessary to handle the bike’s weight and lock it in place. It makes no sense to hire a bike or miss out on your favorite activity simply because you could not bring your roof rack on a trip.

Offer Protection from Extreme Weather Conditions

When it comes to protecting the vehicle from extreme weather conditions, there is not much you can do more so when the weather changes abruptly. In such cases, you may have to redo the vehicle’s body to keep it in top shape. Unfortunately, uncovered tops are the most affected areas, making them more expensive to change after some time.

When you install a roof rack, besides getting extra space, you also stand a chance of protecting your vehicle’s roof from weather vagaries. Fortunately, a roof rack may be way cheaper to replace than repairing an entire vehicle after the body gets dilapidated. Invest in a roof rack that will last and stick to it for protection and storage gains.

May Add Aesthetics Value to the Car

Depending on the roof rack you pick, your vehicle may benefit from aesthetic value by adding that extra roof rack. Invest in a practical and functional roof rack, and if it makes your vehicle look beautiful, then well and good. There is no harm in beautifying your car as long as it does not compromise functionality.

Final Thoughts

Adding a roof rack to your vehicle is a good way of improving your trip’s value. When you have more storage to put your items in, it is easier to make the most. Consider buying a roof rack that fits well with your car, and also ensure to check all safety parameters. You also don’t want to be replacing the roof rack in a few months. After all, roof racks are expensive and should be chosen carefully so that they last long enough.

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