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Importance of small text in digital marketing





Today is the world of technology and advancement, we people live in a virtual and online world more than in our physical lives. More overly, now our business also shifts towards the online sites, and to increase the productivity of digital marketing, small text is an epic and excellent tool.

To enhance your marketing practices and to get the desired success from what you do, you need to have a unique approach to what you do. The use of small text or tiny text is a simple yet effective way to get the readers and viewers engaged in your content. In this post, we will try to cover how small text can be effective in digital marketing.

What is small text?

Small text which is also known as tiny or fancy text is a combination of different Unicode characters that has a smaller size than the normal text. The small text comes in various forms such as superscript, subscript, bold, upside down, bubble text, etc. There are being used widely on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and other electronic media like emails, text messages, etc. which makes your text more attractive and tempting for the audience and helps you to stand out in the crowd. 

In today’s world of moderation and advancement, generating a small text is very easy. All you have to do is to choose a small text generator website and then process a small text that you can copy and paste on whatever site you want.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is to so marketing and promotion of a brand or product using the internet or other electronic media which helps to connect and interact with the potential customers so that their product or brand can get recognition and then people will buy them which increases the businesses profits.

To build a good digital marketing platform such in a form of a website or social media account, it is very important to make it attractive, appealing, and interesting for the audience so that people approach them which will increase their productivity and business profits. You can buy Instagram, Facebook, Reddit account for sale that already have followers to enhance your marketing efforts. The certain aspects that make a good digital marketing website are a colourful outlet, product photography, proper promotion, textual information, etc.

Textual information is very important as the customer cannot get every detail related to the product by just seeing an image. Some digital marketers only focus on product photography as people get more attracted by that but making the text interesting is also another element that can get the audience’s attention. 

Importance of small text in digital marketing:

Following are some of the advantages that clarify the importance of small text in digital marketing:

Online discoverability:

Online presence holds great importance and with no qualm, digital marketing is one of the best ways out there to educate people and make your brand outshine other counter brands out there. The use of small text is limited as it only changes the normal text you write somewhere but as the usage of text is extensive, small text can come in handy in many scenarios like for social media posts. As this text is visually different from the normal, it grabs the attention of readers which ultimately means your text is getting impressions that will, later on, convert into leads and sales.

SEO optimization:

If you do not have an idea of what SEO is, in simple words, it is a combination of techniques and strategies to rank a website on the first page of the search engine. Most people prefer to click on the first or second website to get the answer to their queries and SEO helps in achieving these positions. When you use small text in the content pages of your site, you will get more traffic that leads which creates a sense of trust and Google automatically improves your position in the searches. High traffic and rank mean more people are going to buy your product or get the services you are offering.

Betterment of the content:

Proper taglines and engaging titles are a must for digital marketing and without these, you are just wasting your time, energy and money. You won’t get much response. As humans tend to pay attention to unique things, small text can become a great addition to your posts, articles and other, form of texts that you will use in your marketing campaign. Using these will show your readers that you are putting extra effort which will build your trust among customers and other people.

Finding the Right Fonts for Digital Marketing

As for now, you know small text can be a game-changer but to get the most out of it, you need to be proactive in your work. Finding the right font is another way to maximize results. Choose fonts for legibility.  Legibility means how well individual character in a typeface is separate from one another.

However, bear in mind that fonts look great in headlines but they aren’t effective for the body copy. But there are some exceptions as well, there are some font faces that are specific to be used in the body or the headline. For instance, display faces are used particularly for large formats like headlines and text faces are designed to be used for large areas of copy and are specially meant to be used in passages.

Moreover, the shape of the characters also contributes to the font’s legibility. You may have heard about serif and/or sans-serif.  Serif fonts have small ‘feet’ tiling from the edges of symbols and letters. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts don’t have small lines bulging from the bends. So you need to choose a font as per the usage. You can use the font in both body copy and headline and improve the appearance of your content.

Now you know the importance and role of visual text in digital marketing. So, make sure to use small text and proper font to engage the readers and get the desired results from your project.

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Best Marketing Automation Software




Automation is no continued thought a enjoyment. It is the resolution of any strong and effective business in the corporation. Although it may be that it is for shopping, as the “front line” of any firm, that the industrialization software resolution is most helpful.

If you want to learn more about marketing automation or are ready to automate your marketing department, then continue reading this article on the best marketing automation software on the market. Below is a short course on all the features of such a set of tools, followed by a comparison of the best email marketing software representatives of such software.

What is Marketing Automation Software?


Marketing automation devices are a component of a more comprehensive software marketing platform. They allow you to set up automatic sequences of operations for a variety of tasks. Outwardly industrialization, you would have to perform certain duties yourself, gently, and clearly. This is why automation facilities are needed. They get on repeated jobs to keep employees’ experience and training.

So how does this all apply to marketing? Marketing self-regulation is based on email marketing campaigns, but it’s also associated with an abundance of social media ads and SMS marketing. It all starts with workflows, that is, workflows.

Work flows

Let’s explain with an example what workflows are. To get started, think about placing your ad on Facebook so that anyone who likes your page will notice it. When someone clicks on an ad, an automation workflow kicks in. He can send this person an e-mail with a link, and if he clicks on it, he will be shown individual information elements selected for this person, depending on his past behavior on the World Wide Web. Or, for those people who see the ad but do not open the email, a sequence of other automated actions can be done, such as sending such people a promotional email.

And all that happens in such a way that you do not need to do anything on your own. You are involved in the process only at key points.


Another useful tool is audience segmentation. You can use automation to make all your contacts grouped according to different tags. This capability is based on data that you have in your contact profiles or that similar software may collect from their company’s websites or from their social media pages. Also you can edit segments and create your own tags and groups.


ActiveCampaign is sold as a means for automating customer service. Overall, that is one of the biggest programs out there. It joins a CRM method with email marketing as a component of a selling industrialization platform. ActiveCampaign combines answers to increase traffic, purchasing, and professional help. Thanks to this software, you receive property selling automation devices. These include automated workflows that can become drip shopping operations. Labels and buttons y may be assigned to clients in your CRM software.(nofollow) These capabilities enable you to target particular selling information that is aligned with the needs of your consumers.

ActiveCampaign has pricing plans. The cheapest one costs $ 9 per period and is billed annually. But for more severe marketing self-regulation, you most likely want the Plus program, which costs $ 49 for one month, billed yearly.

ActiveCampaign is best changed for:

  • people;
  • startups;
  • little and medium-sized companies;
  • E-commerce;
  • client contact administration;
  • selling industrialization;
  • segmenting the public;
  • guide requirements;
  • social media management.
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6 Myths about Website Localization




The professional translation and localization industry has made great strides over the past decade. Machine translation technologies have appeared and are improving every day. For large and frequently updated projects, continuous localization is set up based on cloud translation management platforms.

There are many misconceptions about the translation industry. Technologies whose pros and cons can be explained in detail by any specialist working in the industry are far from being familiar to business owners and webmasters who are faced with the need to localize a website into a foreign language for the first time. In this article we will try to dispel some of the myths about localization, to help the participants of the process understand each other better.

1. Localization and translation are the same thing

Text translation is the basis of localization projects, but the concepts are still different. Providers of website localization services don’t just change the language: they also ensure functional and cultural compliance for a specific region. Functional content includes time and date formats, currency, weight units, and distance measurements. When we speak about cultural aspects we mean colors, local jokes, etiquette, symbols, rituals, myths, beliefs, and much more.

If your goal is to be authentic in your target market, then localization is your best option. 

2. Google translate helps you save money on localization

Google translate is a great tool for what it does, but website localization is not one of the things it is most useful for. Context is very important for a professional translation. A trivial example: “refrain” usually means “withhold”, but in the sphere of music it is more likely to mean a phrase that repeats several times. These are two completely different things – a human translator will understand, but Google translate may choose the wrong option.

Realizing the disadvantages of machine translation, some localization companies offer their clients a machine translation service with proofreading by a translator-editor to reduce the cost. However, the translators themselves shudder nervously about such projects, and try to refuse them, explaining that the quality of the translated text can be so low they will have to be translated again from scratch (to the translator’s detriment, because they are still paid not for the translation, but for the proofreading – which is cheaper). Therefore, when you agree to a machine translation with proofreading, you need to understand that it is unlikely a top specialist will be working on your project.

3. Professional translation = professional translators

A modern translation agency or localization company has not only a pool of professional translators, but also specialized localization platforms, translation memory, glossaries, and other translation technologies. These save time spent on translation, improve the quality of the translated text, and help ensure consistency across the entire project.

These solutions are also useful for clients: translation memory helps to save money on repeated words and expressions (which can be quite a significant sum, usually up to 20-30% of the total project cost).

4. Large language providers have higher translation quality

This misconception may have arisen from the abundance of advertising provided by translation agencies and localization companies. The translation and localization market is highly competitive. Of course, there are bona fide companies that provide high-quality translations, but there are others who reduce costs by hiring inexperienced and less professional specialists. The main problem in working with bureaus and agencies is that it is impossible to communicate directly with the linguists who are working on your project.

You can communicate directly with freelance translators, however. There are also nuances in working with them: first of all, there are quality control issues and, if the project is large and several people are working on it, you may face issues with complexity and management.

5. The more professional translators are, the faster they work

All people are different and their speed of work is different, and translators are people as well. The better the translator, the more dear their good name and reputation are to them, which means they are more responsible in their work. In addition, there are complex projects that require more attention and immersion in the context.

The norm for professionals is 2000-3000 words (10-12 thousand characters) per day.

6. The more translators, the better the quality

Actually, it is quite the opposite: the fewer translators work on a project, the better the quality. When there are many specialists, the number of errors and inconsistencies in style and terminology grows. The approach that works best is to have one or two translators working directly with an editor.

Website localization opens up new horizons for a business, almost literally. If you treat it responsibly and convey your message to the target audience authentically and convincingly, then you will significantly increase your likelihood of success in a new market.

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5 Tips for Penetration Testing




Penetration testing is a simulation of an intruder’s actions to penetrate the Customer’s information system.

Thus, a penetration test can detect vulnerabilities in the protection of your network and, if possible, perform an indicative hack.

Penetration testing can be conducted with or without the knowledge of key information security personnel such as system and network administrators.  Executing a simulated attack without warning these employees will give senior management a real picture of the effectiveness of existing security measures.  However, if the server and network hardware has been poorly configured, or if security teams respond poorly to a simulated attack, such “undeclared” testing can disrupt the normal operation of the network.

For this reason, penetration tests are often divided into external and internal stages.  First, experts try to break into the perimeter, for example, by installing malware on workstations.  If this external phase is successful, they will coordinate with system administrators before proceeding to evaluate countermeasures against an internal attack.

Now let’s look at 5 necessary penetration testing steps.

Identify high-risk assets and business workflow

The first step is to identify the assets that are at risk.  This will greatly help in the future to understand the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the organization.  For example, such testing specialists will be able to identify outdated versions or weak security during login.  It is also an excellent opportunity to identify vulnerabilities in sensitive data that could cause serious damage to the company in the future if it was compromised.

Vary pentest providers or expand their circle

It is necessary not to forget to periodically change specialists.  This is necessary in order to identify other problems.  Some specialists will find one problem, while others will open and find something completely different.  Therefore, one should not be afraid to go to other places.  Sometimes it may seem uncomfortable, but from a security point of view, it is a great option.

Know the IT and cybersecurity infrastructure

Cybersecurity is a term that was used ten years ago after the internet began to evolve in whatever way.  With cybersecurity, any organization or any user can protect their sensitive data from hackers.  Although he has been in the business of hacking at one point, he has actually used ethical hacking to implement cybersecurity in any system.

There is no doubt that the cybersecurity mechanism makes our work very simple, ensuring the availability of resources contained on any network.  A business or organization can face huge losses if they are not honest about the security of their online presence.  Because each technology has its own way of making things easier, so does network security.  This is a real way to make your job easier – to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability when needed.

Define what’s in the pentest scope

By sending the identification of all vulnerabilities, it is necessary to do another analysis to identify what should be within the pintest.  This will help determine whether the pintest will include only employee workstations or production servers in general, and much more.  Therefore, this point should not be overlooked.

Use the internet

The use of the internet will help facilitate this procedure.  There you can find various sites that are great for testing and penetration testing program.  Also, it is fashionable there to find any information you are interested in and to facilitate your work.


Traditional penetration testing is an essential element of cybersecurity for many organizations as it provides a robust measure of their security controls.That is why such tests must be done regularly and with the help of specialists, such as DataArt.

Protect your data now!

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