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This Is How to Write an Effective Research Paper




Writing a research work means that students study the methodology of research work, a system of consolidating knowledge and skills for independently conducting research stages. Educational and research work of groups of students or each student independently provides for elements of research in traditional forms of education (in educational and methodological classes, in the preparation of essays, industrial practice, etc.). The writing of such assignments should ensure the possibility of continuous participation of students in the work throughout the entire period of study, taking into account the future professional purpose.

How to create an effective research paper

The paper is not an abstract or an article that you can find anywhere on the Internet. When creating or buying research paper you take the opportunity to conduct independent (or group) research and apply a scientific approach to obtain a result; apply practical skills or acquire new ones to solve assigned tasks, show skills in planning your work and analyzing the results.

Research stages:

  1. Choosing a direction of research
  2. Choosing a research topic
  3. Formulating a hypothesis
  4. Planning stages of work
  5. Collecting data about the subject of the work
  6. Conducting research
  7. Evaluation of the obtained results
  8. Registration of work

The main part of the disclosing content of the research assignment

The first chapter of the main part of the work is usually based entirely on the analysis of scientific literature. When you write this part, it is important to analyze the main approaches to the problem you are studying. Conclusions must necessarily be drawn up according to these approaches. When presenting the material, it is worth adhering to these points:

  • all terms and concepts used in the work should be explained;
  • all the main approaches and directions of research on the problem under study should be mentioned. You also need to state what is known and what is unknown on this issue in science, the same applies to evidence on this topic;
  • the types, functions, and structure of the phenomenon under study should be outlined;
  • factors, conditions, mechanisms, stages, signs, normative and pathological functioning of the studied issue must also be described.

When writing the main part of the assignment, it is worth ending each section with a short conclusion that will summarize what was written above and will become a logical transition to the next parts of the work.

The experimental part of the work

This part deals with the interpretation of the obtained results. Each stage of the study should be consistently described, and the analysis of experimental data should be completed with appropriate conclusions. When compiling them, the following points must be taken into account:

  • conclusions made by you or Custom Writing, should be a consequence of this study and do not require additional measurements;
  • conclusions should correspond to the tasks set;
  • conclusions should be formulated briefly and clearly, without the use of a large number of additional materials;
  • conclusions should not contain generally known truths that do not require proof.
effective research work

At the end of the work, after finishing writing research paper, you should add a conclusion, that is, a short description of the study. Here the author should repeat the relevance of work on the selected problem, confirm the effectiveness of used approaches and the importance of this study. This is not a simple summation of conclusions, but an important stage in the work, which confirms the seriousness of the results of the studied topic.

In the end, after the conclusion, it is customary to place a list of references, where only the sources used in the text of the work are entered. Moreover, only those works that are referenced in the text are considered used, and not all articles, monographs that the author read in the process of performing research work.

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Education Curriculum in South Africa




A school curriculum refers to chosen program content and experiences of learning which is given by schools in South Africa and has a capability of changing and modifying the behavior of the learner. I agree with the fact that the curriculum should not be viewed as a harmless document, which automatically educates learners for the better, but should rather flow from a comprehensive and critical reflection about the nature of knowledge, selection of content and its relevance, the needs of society, the realities of education system and of teachers among other things. Several factors are considered when choosing the content of education curriculum in South Africa. Such factors are discussed below together with their relevance to South African citizens.

National Goals of Education

Learning in South Africa is guided by philosophy and national goals that are affected by considerations of politics to achieve national identity. Development of curriculum can either be put under national or local level.

Number of Subject Options Available

A school normally cannot factor in a subject that is not on the curriculum of the country hence the curriculum of the school is limited to what South Africa offers in its list of subjects.

The Learner

South Africa’s school curriculum is determined greatly by the learner’s physical, emotional, and mental requirements. It focuses on the maturity and development level of the learner. Young learners should be taught what they can digest in relation to quantity and depth. For instance  in the primary level science, more emphasis is placed on the systems and processes which affect the learner’s life without stating the theories and principles behind their concepts. Complexity levels increase as the learner progresses in his or her education and it depends on the level of mental capacity.  In case of challenges, students may buy cheap custom essays and get more spare time for the other activities. The student’s physical condition has an impact on experience and subject selection. An individual cannot deliver knowledge on arts to blind people and music cannot be taught to deaf people.

Availability of Resources

Such resources comprise of learning equipment, materials and personal factors such as experience and qualifications. Schools in South Africa cannot choose to offer a certain subject just because it is offered in other learning institutions. A tertiary institution should not teach computer studies if does not have an access to electricity or choose rugby game if it does not have a field and qualified coaches to coach the players. Curriculum developers must consider available resources before choosing subjects to be offered in the schools in South Africa.

The education curriculum of South Africa emphasizes on the need for learning institutions to interact with learners and community in their home environment In order to ensure that they have knowledge concerning history and background of the students. Studies have shown that when the background and community are factored in the education curriculum, the learning process most likely becomes efficient. In South Africa, the colonial education was focused on an individual only and ignored communalism, which is treasured in African communities. From Chinua Achebe’s novel of things fall apart, the idea of picking what is best in Africa and combining it with what is best from the west is put across clearly.

 The limitation of colonial education in South Africa was that they brought to an end teaching of traditional values in the curriculum. Education in South Africa is currently faced by the challenges of trying to incorporate indigenous knowledge in their education curriculum. The culture of Africans is related to social modes, religious beliefs, and moral values and this is shown in narration art and the use of riddles and proverbs. Bude states that handicraft, songs, design, agricultural layout, and dance form a part of African indigenous knowledge systems. Schools have an option of either maintaining the status core or teaching western education values instead of indigenous cultures. The second option is factoring in African culture values to equip the curriculum that South Africa has with indigenous knowledge systems. It will lead to a paradigm shift, which recreates previous knowledge related to western culture. Indigenous knowledge systems have to be a part of democratic control over the social and political structures of the society of South Africa. South Africans need to use indigenous knowledge systems so as to emancipate education during their process of transforming the education curriculum. It will aid in transition from Apartheid Education to the Revised National Curriculum statement enrichment of the society values.

Education curriculum in South Africa is not as economically, politically, and socially innocent as it appears to be. Parents are expected to show responsibility in assessing the outcomes of the evaluation of the school curriculum themselves such as if the private schools impact the required knowledge to their learners. Meaningful education can be described using the following words: transformation, dialogue, liberator social change and freedom. Such are the terms used to give a definition of what we expect from a system of education that is Africanized to inspire to. Teachers play crucial roles in implementing the policies of education in South Africa. A majority of researchers have stated that the issues in introducing outcomes based education (OBE) in South Africa in 1997 was because teachers were not included in formulating the curriculum policies.

In the process of transition from the strategies of the past to more liberal forms of transformational pedagogy, teachers should be involved. In most cases, teachers are usually blamed for any failure in the curriculum.

Among the issues that are addressed by the education curriculum of South Africa there is the idea of democracy outside and inside the classroom. Teachers are required to be promoters of democracy according to policies of OBE. However, even if teachers have understood certain types of democracy in the society as required by the South African Constitution, they are still slow in delivering this knowledge to their students. The trend, however, towards bringing democracy to the society requires that the job of teachers must not only be effective but also sufficiently enable democracy. It is not easy considering the teachers role in the past curriculum whereby they were not considered as a part of democratic process. Teachers stood in the middle of the ground contested on the one hand by the community, pupils, and parents and on the other hand by the state. It implies that they are government employees on one-hand and community members on the other. Teachers were blamed on their inefficiency from both sides but this has stopped since the introduction of the new curriculum.

The curriculum of South Africa has presented new challenges regarding to how democracy should be dealt with by the teachers. If the society has to embrace its curriculum partly through formal education, teachers have to be trained and consulted so as to ensure that there are no complications in curriculum implementation.

The challenges facing education systems in South Africa are currently reflected by the fact that education is viewed as a priority on all agendas such as local, national or provincial. Development in the society drives thinkers of education to establish the status and roles of education in a democratic society.

During a national Congress of the Education Association of South Africa (EASA) the education minister Dr. Bengu, highlighted on some values and principles, which must guide how the government handles education in South Africa. According to this minister, education should enable all individuals to value, have access to, and become successful in the end. The choice of the curriculum should be diversified so as to prepare the rising numbers of adults and youth with the skills and education which are needed by the economy and also for career development and further learning. The states resources should be shared according to the principle of equity in order to ensure that the same quality of education is offered to all citizens. Special emphasis should be placed on the cases of education inequalities to the disadvantaged people in the society.

How to Improve the Situation

Improvement of the education quality and training services is important. Improvement of the efficiency and productivity is important as well so as to support the systems cost to the public. Such principles agree with the provisions of the White Paper whereby special attention is given to the organization, funding of schools and governance. In brief the paper stated that the new structure of the school organization should develop conditions for developing a flexible, coherent and integrated national system which advances redress, democratic governance, equitable use of public resources, school-based decision making within provincial guidelines and improvement in the quality of education across the system.

The education reality in South Africa should be brought about by a good managed process of a negotiated change of the previous educational dispensation basing on the fact that all public schools should embody a partnership between local community and provincial education authorities.

From the point of view of education, South Africa can be seen as a country with both third world and first world sectors which face different types of challenges. The third world faces the challenge of shortage of educational facilities, high population growth, poor economics and education policies which favor other classes. It also experiences the challenge of school readiness of large sections of third world populations considering cultural transitions and differences.

First world sector is already leaving the industrial age while the broader mass of South African society is prepared to enter the industrial age. Such discrepancy is the one which leads to South Africa’s dual crisis in education. The first world is moving in to an information age.

Summary and Suggestions

The South African education curriculum is much concerned with the need for schools to interact with students and the community at large in the society in order to ensure that they are aware of the background and history of the learners. The background and community of the learners should be considered when designing the education curriculum so that the learning process becomes efficient

The challenges facing the education curriculum of South Africa is trying to incorporate indigenous knowledge. The African culture is related with social modes, religious beliefs and moral values and this is reflected in narration of art and the use of proverbs and riddles.

Meaningful education can be described using the following words: transformation, dialogue, liberal social change and freedom. Such are the terms used to give a definition of what we expect from a system of education that is Africanized to inspire to. Teachers play a crucial role in the implementation of the curriculum and they need to be motivated so that they can do a good job.

Improvement of the education quality and training services is important. Improvement of the efficiency and productivity is important so as to support the systems cost to the public. Such principles agree with the provisions of the White Paper whereby special attention is given to the organization, funding of schools and proper governance. Teachers should be given a good training and compensation so that democracy can be enhanced in the society. It is mainly due to the fact that teachers are the ones who deliver this knowledge to the future prospective citizens of South Africa. The South African education curriculum should be able to factor in beneficial African cultures which will help in mentoring its learning population.

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How to Make a Great Educational Video




Let’s get acquainted with educational video

Educational video is a vital tool for the studying process. The statistics show that most students opt for watching small videos instead of reading massive books or scientific articles. As a rule, the main goal of an educational video is to educate someone on a specific topic or collection of topics in the most clear way.

Moreover, such clips are beneficial not only for adults, but also for children of all ages. Children educational videos capture the child’s attention and effectively teach him or her with the help of animation and interesting storylines.

Why are they so popular nowadays?

It goes without saying that Covid-19 pandemic has made significant adjustments to our ordinary life. Although, it helped us understand the efficiency and convenience of studying online. Nowadays educational videos perform a number of functions. Firstly, they combine education with some sort of entertainment. Secondly, give us the opportunity to feel like communicating face-to-face in all these isolation periods.

But do not think that educational videos are suitable only for  online education! Showing such a video to the students will help avoid the sense of being overloaded with the information for them.

Who may be interested in making educational videos?

The idea of creating educational videos may be very beneficial for both business owners and teachers. A good video library will make your educational center more appealing for the clients, since it shows your serious approach to the studying process itself. If you are a teacher or a tutor, these videos will not only make your students engaged in the academic activity but also give you a few minutes to drink water or just keep silence.

How to create a good educational video

Luckily, the things are not so complicated as it may seem. In fact, thanks to this article you will get detailed instructions on how to make an educational video, which will be really engaging and effective for your targeted audience.

1. Do you have a plan?

It is the first question you should ask yourself! Decide on the targeted audience, topics, some creative aspects of your videos and timings! At this stage it is a good idea to google a lot. You should find your potential rivals, find some new trends and think about some unique features of your product.

2. Make a script

If you want a good educational video – do not rely on your imagination and improvisation. The best thing you can do is to write a script, making sure that it sounds natural, interesting, and attention-catching. Remember that your students are not going to write a dissertation (in most cases), they just need to master some basic topics.

3. Opt for a creative plot!

Storyboarding is another pivotal aspect in catching students’ attention! Make sure you have included some Quick sketches and stick figures or a series of simple screenshots. Stay creative and do not plagiarize!

4. Are you ready to voice it over?

Luckily, there are a number of apps which will help you not only record your voice, but also flag all these “ums,” “uhs,” and other unnecessary words. Do not forget about your voice itself! It should be calm, not too quick and just nice to listen to. If all these kinds of applications are Greek to you, then you can opt for explainer video animation by

5. Film your educational video and import any vital assets

If you are the sole actor of your video, keep patient and just do it! Make sure the quality of sound and image is good. Powerpoint slides, sounds, pictures or screenshots should be imported into the video to make it more engaging!

6. Let’s share it!

After you have edited your video it is the time you can share this masterpiece on a number of Internet platforms starting with your own site and ending up with YouTube, Google Drive, Screencast, and many others.


Remember that all these stages may be done with the help of special apps found in the play market, although if you are not capable of doing it, you may contact a professional team!

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