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How to Light a Cigar?




If you are a newbie to smoking cigars, one of the things you may be wondering is how to light one successfully. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cigar user, achieving an even burn on your cigar can be tricky.

Cigars come in a tighter wrapper than regular cigarettes, making them a little more challenging to burn through. But, with a little patience and practice, you can light your cigar and achieve a uniform, consistent burn. Here is a brief guide on how to light a cigar.

Choose a High-quality, Well-made Cigar

The first step to ensuring you light your cigar evenly is selecting a high-quality one. Look for cigars with a smooth, well-made wrapper and look for any tears or gaps. Also, avoid molted or flakey cigars as these damages affect the quality of the burn.

When it comes to good cigars, Cuba always comes to mind, where high-quality, aromatic vitolas are brought from. Every aficionado needs to try a Cuban cigar. The range of brands is quite large and varied. One of the best marks with a full and medium strength is Bolivar, Partagas, Punch, H.Upmann, and Davidoff cigars. Bolivar cigars are synonymous with Cuban quality and are revered the world over for the attention to detail that goes into their production.

Select an Odorless Flame

It is important to note that not all lighters are suitable for cigars. Remember, cigars easily absorb odors, and any lighter with smells will transfer that to the cigar, making it unpleasant to smoke. On that note, choose odorless lighters such as wooden matches, butane lighters, or torch lighters.

Some of the lighters you should avoid are candles and petrol lighters. They could easily overwhelm the taste of your cigar, rendering it unfit for consumption.

Lighting the Cigar

If you opt for a wooden match, light it and let the head burn out completely before toasting the cigar. This is because the head of most wooden matches has some hints of Sulphur that could easily impact the taste of your cigar during lighting.

If you use butane lighters, start it and allow a few seconds to develop a consistent flame. Bring the cigar close enough to the flame but away from your face for safety.

Toasting the Cigar

Now that you have a consistent flame, whether from a wooden match or a butane lighter, put the flame about one inch away from the cigar. Tilt the cigar at a 45-degree angle to prepare it for toasting.

Once you have achieved the right distance, gently rotate the cigar as you burn it. Do this until the tip starts to smolder, then put the cigar in your mouth. After toasting for a few minutes, the cigar will start to smoke, therefore ready to be lit.

Puff the Cigar

Take short puffs from the other side of the cigar while keeping the cigar close enough to the flame. This design will draw the flame to the cigar, lighting the end. Once the cigar is lit, blow across the lit end to see how evenly it is lit. You may need to repeat the toasting process if you have an uneven burn, but you are less likely to light it again if you follow all the steps. The idea is to ensure the lit end of the cigar is glowing as you continue to puff the cigar. That is all; your cigar is lit and all ready for a smoke.

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2 Signs You Need To Change Your Car Shock Absorbers




Driving with a bad shock absorber can be very dangerous for anyone. It does not just mean that you will have a bad ride. Additionally, it increases your stopping distances, especially if you are driving on a slippery or damp road.

Having bad struts or shock absorbers generally means that your vehicle would bounce wildly when you drive over bumps on the road. It feels that it is harder to steer properly if the road is on the bad side. When the shock absorbers show heavy amounts of wear and tear, it would be difficult to control your car.

This article covers how car shock absorbers work when you should replace them, and the safety implications if you do not replace them with good ones like from Pedders.

What Do Car Shock Absorbers Do?

Shock absorbers and struts help greatly stabilize your vehicle when it is moving. It gives you better turns, accelerations, and brakes when driving in uneven road conditions. Vehicles today use either shocks, struts, or a good combination of the two components.

The key difference between the two parts is that the shock absorber is an independent piece of equipment. Meanwhile, the strut conjoins the shock absorber and some other components in a single unit. These two components both help give the vehicle better stability when it goes in contact with the road. If you don’t have either of these components, your vehicle will be bouncing on the road.

A shock absorber’s lifespan depends greatly on the usual driving conditions you undergo. If you drive on rough unpaved roads or carry heavy loads, you would be shortening the lifespan of the absorber significantly. If you drive on unpaved roads or carry heavy loads, you would be shortening the lifespan of the absorbers. When you drive off the road, you will have to replace it every 40 to 50 thousand miles.

Ways to Recognize a Bad Shock Absorber

Many people rarely replace their shock absorbers because they don’t know that they are worn out already. This is dangerous as you would be posing risks to yourself and your passengers if you realize that your control over the vehicle is off. Here are some of the most obvious ways to tell if a shock absorber is bad or not:

1. The Car Feels Wobbly and Bumpy

This is a surefire way to know if your car has problems with its struts or shocks. If you have a very uncomfortable driving experience, more than usual, the problem lies with your shock absorbers. You would feel the bumps in the road more, making it extremely rough. Have your shocks checked out?

One way to evaluate your car if it has bad shock absorbers is the stand or push on the bumper of your car. Jump up and down a couple of times and then get off. Under normal circumstances, your car should only bounce one more time before stopping. If it goes more than once, you should get your shock absorbers replaced.

2. Uneven Tire Wear and Vibrations

Unbalanced wheels could sometimes cause vibrations in the steering wheel or mean that you have worn-out shock absorbers.

When your suspension system and wheel alignment are wrong, your tires will suffer from uneven tread wear. This would be very different than when your tires are just getting old. Damage to your suspension system would cause scalloped cups to develop at the edge of your tire. This problem is devastating and should be checked immediately when you see symptoms of this.

Having uneven tire wear would mean that only some parts of your tires would be on the road, leading to different worn spots on your tires. This would be very dangerous as you would not be able to notice immediately that some parts of your tire could break at any time.


Having bad shock absorbers would be difficult to notice since there would only be subtle inconveniences that would bother you. So, you have to keep a vigilant eye on your vehicle in order to avoid any life-threatening mishaps regarding your shock absorbers.

Hopefully, this article provides you with enough information to help you be wary of the different signs that your shock absorber is bad.

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Family to Welcome a New Child




You can never fully anticipate how your family might respond to finding out that someone new will be joining them. There are many different reasons you may be expecting an addition to your family. These include having a new baby, adopting, fostering, and others. New children in the family can make existing members feel a variety of strong emotions, particularly other children. Here are four ways you can help to prepare your family for the arrival of a new child into their home and their lives.

1. Discussion

When it comes to such a huge life change, it is important not to keep secrets from your children. The sooner you tell them that they can expect a new member of the family, the sooner they can come to terms with it and perhaps even become excited. Some children will naturally respond with positivity and eagerness, while others might feel fear or anger. Having a discussion with them about the upcoming new arrival will help them process their emotions in advance. Invite questions and prepare to answer them honestly. Allowing your children to react in their own way will improve the chances of them accepting the new family member when the time comes.

2. Preparation and Inclusion

When getting your home ready for the new child, involve your family in the process. Ask them what they think the new arrival might like and reward them for being thoughtful or generous. The more you are able to involve them, the more connected they will feel to the idea of the new child joining your family. It can be hard for children to imagine their parents’ attention being shared with someone else, but if you can bring them into the mindset of giving, then the effects of jealousy can be subdued.

3. First Meeting

The first time your children meet the new child could take place in a variety of ways. If you have given birth to a new baby, your children might meet the infant as soon as they’re born or once you’ve brought them home. If you’ve started the process of caring for vulnerable children by contacting fostering agencies in Birmingham, then your children might meet their new family member elsewhere. It’s important to make sure every child involved is given adequate attention and care, as this meeting is a valuable first impression. Initiate the first meeting with an attitude of positivity.

4. Reinforced Acceptance

No matter what the circumstances of a new child joining your family, whether that’s a newborn or a foster child, it can be difficult for your children to adjust to the new member of the household. Small steps that may occasionally appear to go backward are a normal part of progress, so don’t rush your family into accepting a new child, as this can often have the opposite effect.

Instead, demonstrate by example how to show compassion and kindness to your new family member, and your children will follow your lead.

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Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Kratom Online in the USA




Kratom is a plant that has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. Some people consume it to treat pain, anxiety, or depression, while others use it as a recreational medicine. Although it is legal in the U.S., there are still some factors you should consider before buying it online. 

The American Kratom Association has estimated many kratom users in the United States. It’s important to remember that not all of these users have the same reasons for taking this herbal product. Some individuals use it for medicinal purposes, while others use it recreationally. 

Before you buy kratom USA, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Different Types of Kratom

This herbal medicine comes in many different strains, classified into three different categories: red, white, and green. 

Red kratom is the most sedating, while green and white strains are more energizing. The effects of the product also vary depending on the dosage. A low dose will produce stimulating results, while a high dose can be sedating. For this reason, it’s essential to start with a low dose if you’re new to kratom.

As per the research done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), kratom leaves contain more than 40 chemical compounds.

Of these, two compounds – mitragynine and seven – are responsible for most of the kratom’s effects. It is most commonly sold as a capsule or powder in the USA. There is total ambiguity when it comes to the potency of this supplement, as there is no regulation on its production or sale.

The United States is the prime manufacturer and consumer of kratom globally. The country also has been reported to use more than half (57%) of global production for its own needs.

What Are the Effects of Kratom?

The effects of the supplement vary depending on the strain and dosage. In small doses, it can be stimulating, while in large doses, it can be sedating. Some of the other effects also include:

-Increased Alertness: It can help reduce fatigue and improve productivity. The effects are similar to those of caffeine.

-Mood Enhancement: It can elevate your mood and reduce anxiety when taken in small to moderate doses.

-Pain Relief: It can help reduce pain, especially chronic pain.

-Recreational Use: Some people use the supplement for its euphoric effects. It can cause hallucinations and delusions at high doses.

Tips to Buy Kratom Online

Many people are now buying the product online as it’s convenient, and there is a wide range of strains to choose from. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying it online, such as:

1. Buy from a Reputable Source: Many unscrupulous sellers online sell low-quality or adulterated kratom. Research and buy from a reputable source. If you see a strain offered at a meager price, likely, it’s not of good quality.

The USA has seen a surge in the popularity of kratom in recent years. The total number of vendors has also increased significantly. Not all of these vendors are reputable, so it’s essential to do your research before buying from them.

2. Google Search: A simple Google search would give you an idea of which vendors are reputable and which ones aren’t. You can also check forums and online groups for reviews of different vendors.

3. Product Guarantee: It’s also good to buy from a money-back guarantee vendor. This way, you can ensure that you’re not risking your money on a vendor who may not deliver on their promises.

4. Check the Quality: When buying kratom in the USA online, it’s essential to check the quality of the product. Make sure you read the reviews and only purchase from a source that offers high-quality kratom.

Final Thought

Kratom is a popular herbal supplement that has a wide range of effects. It is essential to consider your needs before buying any supplement, as there are many different strains and forms available. With so many options available, it is essential to do your research to find a reputable source.

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