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A Guide to the Crypto Assets




Crypto assets are the value of money that is not given by the central bank. It is a representation of the value of the money that can be traded and electronically owned and stored. It is the virtual value or the virtual value of the money a person has. Crypto assets are a new term previously this was called cryptocurrency because, over the years the crypto market grew from more than just money and grew into other aspects. Crypto assets are not governed by the government, which makes it more captivating to a lot of people.

Types of Crypto Assets

1) Cryptocurrencies

The very first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin and then other cryptocurrencies were launched. The prices kept fluctuating but still, investors managed to make their profit. In the start, it was difficult for people to invest money and predict the future. Today market research and analyses have been done which can predict future trends.

2) Platform Tokens

Platform tokens are coins that are backed up with safety like currency or assets. They are used for decentralized projects. They are operated by blockchain technology. It is largely based on Ethereum. Platform tokens give security to utility tokens.

3) Utility Token 

Utility tokens are mostly used for transactions. Platform tokens and utility tokens are coordinated. Utility tokens are used as a mode of payment in exchange for products or services. Many companies have started the use of utility tokens in the form of digital cash.

4) Security Token

Security token acts as a share or stock of any company. They cannot be used as utility tokens. The security token of any company gives you the rights for sharing in stock, depending on the company to company. These security tokens are mostly governed by the law of the particular country you reside. It’s almost like shares; the price depends on the performance of the company. The price of your security token can rise or even fall spending on the company’s business.

How Does it Work?

Crypto assets are digital money. It is not controlled by any entity. Like normal money is controlled or monitored by banks. Crypto assets are not monitored by any banks or government. We don’t need any middlemen to do a transaction. A transaction can be done completely and individually by any bank or any app. It allows transparency and also gives a certain level of privacy.

Is Tax Paid on Crypto Assets?     

Like with any other income, users will have to include their crypto assets or cryptocurrency and their profits and losses and have to pay tax accordingly. If the assets are held, then they are considered as capital assets for more than a year and according to the country, the tax has to be paid. The tax percentage to be paid is decided by the country you stay in.

Risk Factor of Crypto Assets

  • The biggest risk factor is that the prices keep fluctuating and can fall to the extreme or the price can reach its highest. If you have a loss then it can cost you a lot as an investor. On the other hand, if the price rises you can have a huge profit.
  • The cryptocurrency market is not being managed by a government, which might be the biggest disadvantage of crypto assets. If anything goes wrong there is no central bank or government that can save your money. There have been instances where crypto assets value has gone to complete zero.
  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted in some countries while it is illegal in some others to trade in the cryptocurrency market. This makes it a risk for investing a huge amount in cryptocurrencies.

Final Words

Cryptocurrency is considered one of the biggest crypto assets. Try the Free demo account before investing in bitcoin. Apps can help to buy, sell or hold cryptocurrencies or tokens easily. Crypto market is like virtual assets, you need to be careful when you trade, study and research are important factors to consider. As a new investor, play safely in the starting by investing in stable coins and then taking risks.  Crypto assets can be converted into cash easily so it’s a good asset in case of emergency liquidation, that’s a benefit for all.

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7 Ways to Recover Money from Debtors




Asking someone to pay you back the money they owe you can be very uncomfortable at times. But no matter how uncomfortable it might seem, it’s necessary to regain the money you had lent to somebody. Debt collection is a rapidly growing market, with an estimated size of $1.6 bn AUD in 2022.

If you have a debtor who refuses to pay back the due amount, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Here are some ways to recover money from your debtors.

1. Send a polite reminder

You don’t need to threaten or be impolite the first time you ask your debtor to pay up. Initially, send a friendly and polite reminder to them via a phone call, mail, or even a letter.

Maybe your debtor had a genuine reason to forget about the payment or made a mistake and ended up paying somewhere else. So the first reminder should always be a simple and friendly one. In case you’re confused about what to write, you can refer to any reminder template online.

2. Reach out again

If the person concerned has ignored your message or simply hasn’t bothered to reply, it’s time to send them an overdue reminder. Mention the fact that you sent them a previous intimation (add a screenshot along, if possible) and that it was not replied to.

Give the customer another call or text, but be slightly more firm and strict this time. Ask them to repay you as soon as possible, since texting or mailing someone repeatedly can be an issue from both ends.

3. Send a final notice

This might get really tiring, but send a third and final notice, this time in the form of a warning. Don’t be rude or aggressive, but make sure you let your customer know that you are annoyed and dissatisfied with their behavior.

Politely tell them that if they refuse to answer, it might be time to contact an outsider’s help. A final notice can be slightly tricky to write, so refer to any final notice template on Google for your benefit.

4. Make a direct contact

If you know where your debtor lives, go and pay them a visit. Chances are, when they are caught off-guard, they won’t be able to make any excuses and will pay you back. But this will only work if you know where the person lives or works.

Visiting them in person can also strengthen your relationship with them that might come in handy later. Also, who knows, maybe your debtor lost their phone or had a problem with their bank account, which is why they couldn’t contact you.

5. Formal letter of demand

This is where things get official and tough. If all your attempts at contacting your debtor have failed, it’s now time to send a formal letter of demand. But this letter should only be given when there is no other way out; don’t use the letter right at the beginning.

Since a formal demand letter has the potential to sour or damage the relationship between you and your debtor, you must consider carefully before taking such a step.

6. Go to a debt-collecting agency

The next step here would be to go to a debt-collecting agency that will help you with your dispute. McMahon Fearnley Lawyers is a reputed agency dealing with services like debt collection through completely legal methods. McMahon will ensure that both parties abide by the necessary rules and you get your money back as soon as possible.

It will also help you draft a formal letter of demand, should you need one. In case the problem isn’t solved, and a higher authority is required, McMahon will help you through that too.

7. Get help from sources

Various sources like the Victorian Small Business Commission, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and Consumer Affairs Victoria are specialized to solve consumer disputes and civil troubles. Consider going to them if you need assistance.

They all operate under Australian Law, so all their processes will be legal and trouble-free.

Over to you…

These are some of the steps you can take to collect money from your debtor. Remember not to resort to harsh methods right from the start as they can give a bad impression of you and cost your time and money.

But if things don’t improve, seek legal help from companies like McMahon Fearnley and ask them for advice.

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Best Passive Incomes for 2022




With the world still recovering from successive waves of the COVID pandemic, there’s reason for caution for investors and those who draw a significant amount of their wage from passive income. It’s still a little unclear whether the pandemic will end in 2022, as the WHO has suggested – and that means that the markets may yet be due some turbulence, with house prices and other asset classes fluctuating too. As such, this guide is about offering some reliable forms of passive income that you can turn to during what may turn out to be another challenging year.


While the markets have been topsy-turvy since the advent of the pandemic, house prices have been comparably stable. There has been some change in regional rent prices, with big cities vacated by those with a second home during some of the lockdowns. However, on the whole, the rising property price trend is continuing and is set to continue into 2022.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t operate with caution when making property investments. Some regions may be due a fall in prices, and some neighbourhoods are more rosy investment opportunities than others. To make sure that you’re generating a good passive income from your property investments, consider working alongside Asset Academy investment managers, who’ll offer guidance and support to ensure your investments are always well informed.


There are some stocks that are due for another tumultuous year. Airlines are one fine example of a class of stocks that have been struggling to reach their former highs since March 2020 – and may well never recover if Warren Buffet is to be believed. Meanwhile, the stocks of the largest firms in the world – the likes of Google, Amazon, and Tesla – continue to deliver remarkable returns for their investors.

As such, the class of stocks that you should be interested in for 2022 should centre around the technology sphere. Whether you’re interested in financial technology companies or the kind of firms that enable our current digital lifestyles, these are the stocks that have reliably been paying out dividends and expanding in value for many years – including the two years of the pandemic itself.


With the art world turned upside down by the advent of NFTs last year, this is an interesting and exciting moment to start investing in art. Whether you’re keen to secure some NFT assets, or you’d rather stick to traditional art investment, there’s been a surge of investment and interest in art investments over the past couple of years, as those with disposable income have crowded online auction houses to secure a piece of work.

If you’re not familiar with the art world, hiring a consultant or advisor is an important step for you to take before heading to an auction. They’ll help you understand the valuation of each piece and which might be set to accrue in value in the months and years ahead. Again, this source of passive income can serve to bolster your investment portfolio come what may.

There you have it: three asset classes that are well worth investing in for the coming year.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Crypto




Okay, let us forget for a moment whether you like it or not, whether you agree with the practises involved in acquiring it or not. Cryptocurrency is a pretty big part of life these days, with more people and more companies being open to the idea of using them as a form of currency to trade for goods and services. Which, depending on the market, is an interesting gamble for both companies AND their customers. But why is that an interesting gamble, I hear you ask?

Cryptocurrency is considered a volatile asset, which effectively means the value of that asset is constantly changing and for the most part, in an unpredictable way. So let’s say companies like Tesla who announced a year or so ago that they will be accepting specific cryptocurrencies as a method for buying one of their cars. Now, since Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset, this could potentially pay out one of two ways. A way that benefits you or a way that benefits the company. As an example, say what you’re buying is valued at $45,000, at the time of writing that would be 1.27 Bitcoin, as they are currently priced at $35,411.60 per coin. Now you hand over your 1.27 (plus gas fees), you take your item, maybe it’s a car, maybe it’s something else. Within the next 24 hours, those Bitcoin could be worth, $40k? $50k? Maybe they peak up to $65k again like they did in November 2021. Or, the opposite could happen, they could drop to $30k, $25k or less.

HOWEVER, if you’ve been around the scene for a while, then you’ll likely already know the risks involved in getting into the crypto game. In which case, maybe you’ve made a few bucks, and you would just like to know some of the ways you can currently use your crypto, since it is an ever changing landscape. Maybe you want to use it as capital to make more money? Maybe you’re just wanting to trade anonymously for goods and services. Well you’re in luck since we’re going to cover some of your options here! So if we’re all about ready to get started, let’s get into it!


Okay so since we’ve already spoken about gambling, let’s talk about gambling some more. Like I mentioned earlier Crypto in and of itself is a gamble, you could make a boat load of money or you could lose out, when you assess the situation and approach it with a level head, checking all the facts and figures, you really can make it work for you, even with the risks included. But what if you’re wanting to take your money that you’ve invested in crypto, gamble it and potentially, while assessing risks of course, make some more money off of it, is to stake it at some sportsbooks.

If you’re already profiting off your crypto and you’re into your sport, as we have hinted at, one great way to utilize your crypto would be through legal online sports betting sites. Some of these sites allow users to exchange their cryptocurrencies, such as Betmgm sportsbook, a LOT of sports books these days are, getting with the times as it were and getting into accepting crypto as collateral I guess it’s kind of in the nature of it right? The sportsbooks taking a gamble too? But doing this you could potentially gain on any winnings too, through the fluctuations in crypto prices. You might win £200 tonight, but in the morning it could be £250. Remember the risks, your capital is at stake so gamble responsibly!


Next up is another risky venture, but something that has absolutely BLOWN UP in popularity in recent months, regardless how you feel about it, NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) are a huge thing right now. Non-Fungible means  that it’s “unique” so you own the only one, if your NFT is a picture of a specific animal for example, you’re the only person that owns THAT segment of information in the blockchain, of course there are memes regarding “right click, save as” etc but when it comes to the value of that particular item, you’re the only one who can really trade it, the same as owning a painting from a famous artist, there’s only one original right?

Shopping Who’d have thought?

Like I mentioned at the top of the show, a lot more retailers are beginning to accept cryptocurrency for their goods and services, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, if you trade with Crypto, it is all done anonymously, so you don’t have to give a retailer your details, nothing is saved on record. Secondly there’s the excitement of potentially beating the system by actually picking up those goods and services for cheaper than you initially would’ve if the cost of your crypto tanks, of course that isn’t without it’s risk. Finally it shows that businesses are finally starting to move with the times. Which is a great thing, we’ve moved beyond the past for a reason, grandpa!

Money Transfers

While this one may not necessarily make sense, given you do have to pay for crypto transfers. Transferring money via crypto, specifically at low volumes, is one of the quickest and cheapest ways you can actually transfer. Since cryptocurrency is a peer to peer system, you can immediately transfer your funds without having to wait for an external source to look things over and approve it. You won’t have to pay any fees to a bank, you don’t have to pay any charges on any overdrafts or anything like that and again, like I mentioned earlier, you get to keep all of your details off the systems of big companies and banks alike.


Last but not least, the obvious one. Just like how your grandpa used to collect gold, or silver dollars or pretty much anything of the sort, these days people collect Cryptocurrency in the hopes that one day it will be worth something. This is why you see so many meme coins like $Doge and $Shib making headlines and skyrocketing in popularity. People like to jump on these with the dream of potentially becoming a millionaire from a small early investment. Imagine this, you’re looking at a new meme coin, let’s make something up (might already exist who knows) $42069bitz. Each one of those is worth $0,00.00001, so for $1 you can buy 10,000. Imagine, if by some crazy miracle, Elon Musk tweets about it or something and it raises in value, even if it becomes half a cent somehow, that’s $5000 from a buck. Is it likely? No. Is it possible, absolutely. Look at the history of $Doge as an outrageous example. That’s going to do it for this one! So, since you’re here, I take it you’ve delved into the Crypto world, how has your experience been? Have you been lucky? I personally made a little bit on Ethereum at the start of 2021, bought $225, went up to $850, I tried to hold out for $1000 before I dropped it and it tanked back to $450, after fees I think I made $190-200 profit, not a bad little turnaround but look at what it could’ve been! I just want to end by saying, if you haven’t and you’re interested in getting into cryptocurrency, or sportsbooks, or any form of gambling. Please gamble responsibly, don’t bet above your means and please don’t chase those wins. Good luck and take care everybody! Stay safe.

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